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By Bob Jones May10,2023

top prepper sites

As the world becomes more volatile, more people are adopting a prepper lifestyle to protect themselves and their families in the event of an emergency or disaster. Whether you’re new to the prepping scene or a seasoned pro, it’s important to have a reliable source of information to help you navigate the challenges of being prepared. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top prepper sites on the internet to help you find the resources you need to stay prepared and stay safe. From survival skills to emergency supplies, these sites have everything you need to be ready for anything.

top prepper sites 1. The Prepared – Emergency preparedness for everyone

1. The Prepared – Emergency preparedness for everyone

The Prepared is a great resource for anyone wanting to be prepared for emergencies. The site offers online courses and checklists for all types of emergencies, ranging from daily life to big disasters. Their content is researched to provide the best information on each topic, making it easy for users to learn how to handle whatever life throws their way. The Prepared also has a large community of rational individuals who prepare for emergencies without any political or extreme ideologies.

The site provides articles on topics such as medical emergencies, conserving resources, financial habits, and first aid kits. Additionally, they offer tips and tricks for surviving in extreme weather conditions. The Prepared is a reliable source of information that is easy to navigate and understand, and there is information for everyone, regardless of their level of emergency preparedness knowledge. It is an excellent resource to bookmark and reference. [1][2]

top prepper sites 2. Counterintelligence Agent's Recommendations for Prepper and Survival Websites

2. Counterintelligence Agent’s Recommendations for Prepper and Survival Websites

If you’re looking for prepper and survival websites that offer expert advice from someone with real-life military and intelligence experience, then check out these recommendations from a former Counterintelligence Special Agent:

First up is Graywolf Survival, run by Scott Kelley. With his background in the military and extensive experience in dangerous combat situations, Kelley offers valuable insights into situational awareness, bugging out, and survival communication.

Another great site is The Prepared, which provides emergency preparedness and prepping checklists for all manner of disasters. They have an online course on how to handle medical emergencies when you’re on your own and offer tips on conserving resources and storing food.

If you’re interested in homesteading, then Homestead Dreamer is your go-to blog. LeAnne Edmondson shares her knowledge on homesteading concepts, and her Saturday Survival Serial offers a compelling story about survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

Other recommended sites include Urban Survival Site, Backdoor Survival, and Knifeup, which features articles about emergency preparedness and wilderness survival, with a focus on knives. Whatever your prepping needs may be, these sites offer valuable insights for staying safe and prepared in any situation. [3][4]

top prepper sites 3. Prepper Website – Stay updated with the best prepping and survival information

3. Prepper Website – Stay updated with the best prepping and survival information

Prepper Website is the go-to source for staying informed on the latest prepping and survival information. This news aggregation website is updated daily and features content from the best websites around the web. It covers a range of topics from prepping basics to self-defense and survival skills. Prepper Website is a great resource for both beginning preppers and seasoned preppers alike. Its well-organized layout and clear instructions make it easy to prepare for a variety of challenges. It also offers a thorough prepper checklist for those just starting out on their prepping journey. In addition, Prepper Website provides access to helpful e-books and preparedness courses for those looking to enhance their skills. With its dedication to providing the best prepping information available, Prepper Website is a must-read for anyone interested in preparedness. [5][6]

top prepper sites 4. Graywolf Survival – Tips and advice from a combat veteran

4. Graywolf Survival – Tips and advice from a combat veteran

Graywolf Survival is a website that offers valuable tips and advice for emergency preparedness. The site’s founder is a combat veteran who has had years of experience working with various military agencies. Their expertise on the matter can help individuals and families determine the best emergency plan for them. The author strongly believes in the importance of practicing and rehearsing scenarios that could occur during an emergency. By doing so, people can identify vulnerabilities and deficiencies in their plan and adjust accordingly. Additionally, the author emphasizes the need to test out gear to ensure its effectiveness when needed. Graywolf Survival also offers a guide on what to put in a bug-out bag, but warns against overpacking. This can lead to difficulty in carrying the bag, making it less effective in an actual emergency situation. Overall, Graywolf Survival offers practical and realistic advice for anyone looking to be better prepared for emergencies. [7][8]

top prepper sites 5. Survival Blog – The original prepper and survival blog

5. Survival Blog – The original prepper and survival blog

Survival Blog is considered as the original prepper and survival blog that provides valuable insights and resources on emergency preparedness. It offers a wide range of information from wilderness and urban survival to off-grid living. It is the go-to online resource for survival information and tips. The website is run by James Wesley Rawles (JWR), a former U.S. Army Intelligence officer and technical writer who is also a survivalist author.

Survival Blog has been recognized as a daily web log for prepared individuals living in uncertain times. The website provides news and how-to articles for preppers and survivalists. It offers practical advice on emergency preparedness, self-reliance, and bushcraft skills. The site includes product reviews, survival stories, and a strong community of readers who share their own experiences in surviving natural and man-made disasters. Overall, Survival Blog is a must-read for anyone who wants to be prepared for any survival situation. [9][10]

top prepper sites 6. SHTF Plan – Prepping for when the

6. SHTF Plan – Prepping for when the

SHTF, or “Shit Hits the Fan,” is a common term in the prepper community for when all hell breaks loose. Planning for such a scenario is crucial, and SHTF Plan provides valuable information on prepping for this kind of disaster. The website offers practical advice on topics such as food storage, survival skills, and self-defense. It also provides news and analysis on current events that could potentially lead to a SHTF scenario. In addition, SHTF Plan has a community forum where preppers can connect and share knowledge. The website emphasizes the importance of having a well-thought-out plan and being prepared for any situation. For those who take prepping seriously, SHTF Plan is an excellent resource for staying informed and taking practical steps towards SHTF readiness. [11][12]

top prepper sites 7. The Survival Mom – Survival tips for busy moms

7. The Survival Mom – Survival tips for busy moms

The Survival Mom is a website that provides survival tips for busy moms. It was founded by Lisa Bedford, who became interested in prepping after experiencing the economic downturn in 2009. The website offers a variety of information, from basic prepping skills to more extreme survival scenarios like pandemics. Bedford emphasizes the importance of having a solid foundation for a prepared home and family, including building a prepared family team that is healthy and frugal. She also provides instructions and plans for specific emergencies like winter storms and power outages. The website encourages moms to reflect on their past experiences and apply what they have learned to become better prepared for future challenges and uncertainties. Bedford also shares her personal experiences, such as how training for a 5k helped her develop prepping skills and habits. The Survival Mom offers a supportive community for moms to learn from and empower one another. [13][14]

top prepper sites 8. Off Grid Survival – Self-sufficiency and survival strategies

8. Off Grid Survival – Self-sufficiency and survival strategies

Off Grid Survival is a comprehensive guide to self-sufficient living that offers survival strategies and wilderness skills. It teaches you how to live off-grid and reduce your carbon footprint. The book provides tips on how to choose the right location and get started on your off-the-grid shelter. You’ll learn how to manage water, waste, power, and cope with varying weather conditions. Additionally, the book teaches you how to raise livestock and provides you with survival skills for emergency situations. This guide is perfect for anyone considering living off the grid or wanting to become more self-sufficient.

Living off the grid is not for everyone, and it requires a full-time job and radical departure from typical American lifestyles. Off-grid living requires significant investment, time, and energy. However, once you get the project up and running, you’ll feel great about connecting with the land and walking away from the rat race. When considering where to live off-grid, it’s essential to research locations thoroughly and take into account factors such as access to clean water, weather conditions, and legal restrictions on gun ownership. Overall, Off Grid Survival is a perfect resource to help you achieve your self-sufficiency and survival goals. [15][16]

top prepper sites 9. Prepper Resources – Free resources for preppers

9. Prepper Resources – Free resources for preppers

Prepper Resources is a website that offers free resources for preppers. They have a variety of useful tools such as survival guides, prepper checklists, and DIY projects. The website is easy to navigate and offers a great user experience.

One of the standout resources on the site is their collection of free PDF downloads. These include guides on topics such as water purification, food storage, and first aid. There are also printable checklists for bug-out bags and emergency supplies. Additionally, they offer a selection of DIY projects such as building your own solar still and creating a rainwater collection system.

In addition to their free resources, Prepper Resources also has a store where you can buy prepper gear and supplies. The prices are reasonable and the selection is impressive. Overall, Prepper Resources is a great website for preppers of all levels, offering valuable information and resources to help you prepare for any emergency. [17][18]

top prepper sites 10. Doom and Bloom – Medical preparedness for disasters and emergencies.

10. Doom and Bloom – Medical preparedness for disasters and emergencies.

Doom and Bloom is a website that provides medical preparedness information for disasters and emergencies. Joseph Alton, M.D. and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P. are the medical preparedness professionals behind this top survival site. Joseph is a board-certified obstetrician and pelvic surgeon for over 25 years and a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as the American College of Surgeons. Amy is an advanced registered nurse practitioner and a certified nurse-midwife with years of experience working in teaching institutions and smaller family-oriented hospitals. They are both certified medical instructors and have taught medical classes across the country.

Some notable features of their website include a free podcast discussing medical preparedness topics, a shop with medical supplies, and an extensive medical library with articles and videos. They believe in putting a medically-prepared person in every family for any disaster. Their books, such as The Doom and Bloom ™ Survival Medicine Handbook, are written in plain English and easy to understand for the non-medically trained. With their extensive medical background and experience, Doom and Bloom provides essential medical preparedness information for anyone looking to be prepared for any situation. [19][20]

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