Survival Item List

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survival item list

Have the appropriate survival gear can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.

Air Horn – Loud noise can alert rescuers or scare away dangerous wildlife.

Water Treatment Tablets – Make dirty water potable for the survivor.

Stuff Sack – Provides the survivor with an effective method for carrying their sleeping bag and is compressible with an adjustable drawstring closure system for efficient compression.

1. Tactical Flashlight

Tactical flashlights are used by law enforcement officers, military personnel and rescue workers daily to save lives in dangerous environments. Their rugged design must meet this demand while remaining bright, durable and tough for maximum effectiveness – which makes having one an indispensable prepping item!

A good tactical flashlight has many uses in emergency survival situations, from illumination and self-defense to blinding an attacker and disorienting their vision. Strobe mode flashlights can help disorient an assailant long enough for you to escape or defend yourself; others include hard strike bezels for breaking windows in an urgent situation.

Another tactical flashlight survival use is lighting fire. Many flashlights can be used to start a fire by breaking the outer glass and using their inner filament to concentrate sunlight onto tinder, creating an ignition source. Tactical flashlights are waterproof and dustproof for added peace of mind in survival situations; many even feature built-in batteries which keep their charge for hours at a time! Companies like SureFire, Streamlight, Modlite and Cloud Defensive offer these types of tools.

2. Tactical Knife

Tactical knives differ from standard survival knives in their dark and military aesthetic. Though not necessary for all survivalists, tactical knives can come in handy in several situations such as car accidents where it helps people free themselves from seat belts more quickly.

An effective tactical knife should have a wide blade that can be used for cutting wood, food and even self-defense. Furthermore, its handle should be comfortable to hold while its stub can also serve to strike matches to start fires.

A quality tactical knife should be constructed of high-grade steel and feature an easy grip and sharpening process. A full tang blade (meaning it extends all the way from its tip down into its handle) provides greater strength compared to half-tang designs, which may break under pressure. Finally, keep length in mind; 6-12 inches should suffice in survival situations.

3. Spoon & Fork

Utensils may be easily available at a fast-food restaurant, but finding them after a natural disaster may prove more challenging. Although surviving without them is possible, having something as basic as a spoon and fork gives meals more structure.

Rather than investing in real fork and spoon sets, consider investing in a survival spork instead. It is an affordable yet lightweight tool that serves both functions in one tool, making it suitable for storage in your bugout bag or mess kit.

An alternative option for spoon and fork making is carving them from tree branches or another flexible material such as metal wire. While this task takes longer, it provides your hands with something to do while helping you remain calm during stressful situations. Once completed, these materials could also be used as cordage for fishing line, cloth line or tieing bundles of firewood together; Skilled Survival highly recommends the Titan SurvivorCord cordage which comes equipped with a carabiner clip for convenient storage and portability.

4. Anytime Charge Solar Power Bank

Power banks are an indispensable survival device, especially on the go. Not only can they keep your devices charged but can help guide you out of any unfamiliar woods if you become lost; or charge flashlights so they can signal for help when needed.

HetoGrow offers one of the top solar-powered power banks available, featuring a 6000 milliamp-hour (mAh) capacity and two USB ports. Furthermore, this device comes equipped with additional overcharge and anti discharge technologies designed to retain charge in order to extend device functionality as much as possible.

It’s also rugged and splash resistant, making it the ideal companion for backpackers, day hikers, outdoor adventurers, dual charging ports and an emergency flashlight with strobe function – easily recharged by simply leaving it out in the sun for quick recharging during emergencies or power outages.

5. Tindar Wick & Bellow

Fire is essential in survival situations, serving as the only means of keeping you alive alongside food, water and shelter. But starting one can be dauntingly difficult without the right tool – which is where Tindar Wick & Bellow comes into its own!

Uberleben’s fire-starting device is the answer to all your fire-starting woes. The KeroDry paraffin-wax infused hemp wick is easy to light, lasting for up to an hour of burning time – plus the anodized aluminum sleeve doubles as a micro bellow so your flame stays lit longer!

Best of all, this portable torch fits conveniently in a slider tin that doubles as storage for tinder, making it the ideal piece of survival gear to add to your arsenal. Be sure to include one of these tactical flashlights if survival is indeed your focus – you won’t regret it later!

6. Blade Sharpener

Survival knives are one of the most essential tools for campers and adventurers, but only when sharp. Regular sharpening helps extend its lifespan, prevent rust formation and ensure optimal functioning.

Sharpened knives require less effort when being used, enabling greater accuracy than dull blades. In addition, they’re much easier to control in survival situations and provide much greater peace of mind.

If you can’t locate a sharpener, a nylon strap may serve as an effective temporary sharpener. Simply wrap a length of nylon around your survival blade and wriggle it back and forth over its serrations while applying light pressure – this should work!

Sharp survival knives are essential tools for numerous activities, including carving wood, starting fires and skinning animals. A dull knife makes these tasks challenging and dangerous; keeping it sharp with the right tool is easy and essential when camping or adventuring outdoors.

7. Rescue Whistle

A loud whistle will cut through ambient noise, travel far distances and help signal your distress in the wilderness. Keep one with you on your pack or personal items so it can be used when necessary; attaching plastic whistles around your neck may also alert nearby people of your discomfort.

Survival blankets are essential items that will help preserve body heat in colder climates or after an EMP event, keeping you warm when temperatures plummet or signal air rescuers in an emergency or survival situation.

Cordage can come in handy in the wilderness for numerous tasks like climbing steep areas, transporting game you have harvested and tying bundles of firewood together. Titan SurvivorCord is an efficient, lightweight multipurpose paracord that will help ensure survival in the wilderness.

Sewing kits may not be the most exciting additions to your bug out bag or survival gear stockpile, but they can come in handy should you need to repair clothing or blankets on the fly. In addition, Water Treatment Tablets may come in handy in treating water on-the-go for safe drinking purposes.

8. Signal Mirror

Signal Mirrors are one of the most under-appreciated pieces of survival gear, making them a welcome addition to any bug out bag. Not only can they serve as emergency signaling devices, they’re also very effective firestarting tools when combined with sunlight rays or Morse code messages – sometimes they have even been used successfully to summon rescuers in multiple instances!

There are various types of signal mirrors on the market, but one that stands out is one equipped with a retroreflective grid for sighting. Such mirrors can be seen up to 100 miles away and function both on overcast days as well as sunny ones; examples of such are Coghlan’s Site-Grid Signal Mirror, Adventure Medical Kits Rescue Flash Signal Mirror and Ultimate Survival Technologies StarFlash Floating Signal Mirror.

Signal mirrors without grids work just as efficiently; just make sure that they are made from durable material like LEXAN and have directions printed on the back for use.


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