Top Survival Items to Hoard

When disaster strikes, it’s crucial to have a variety of survival items handy.

A bucket is important for a bathroom emergency, but other items such as toilet paper, trash bags, and hand sanitizer are also very important.

Toilet paper is especially important for emergencies because dirty hands are a health risk.

Medical supplies

While most survivalists focus on water and food, it’s also important to stock up on medical supplies. Without proper medical treatment, you can develop more serious ailments or even die. This is why it’s important to stock up on the basic medical supplies needed for minor injuries and wounds.

Non-food items

If you’re planning a long-term preparation for a disaster, there are many things you can store. Many items are non-perishable, meaning they have a long shelf life. However, you should still regularly check expiration dates and toss expired items. You can also keep your supplies in a well-organized stash where you can find them easily.

In addition to food and water, you should also stock up on non-perishable items to maintain hygiene. It’s not just about staying smelling fresh and clean during a disaster; dirty hands can cause serious health issues. Invest in buckets and toilet paper. Also, invest in some trash bags and hand sanitizer.

Grain grinders

Grain grinders are among the most important survival items to keep on hand. These appliances help you prepare food quickly and easily, and are a great way to store food in a sheltered place. If you are unable to obtain a grain mill, you can grind the grain yourself by placing the grain in a large can. Fill the can an inch or two deep. Then, take a hard metal object (such as a hammer) and pound it against the can.

Dish soap

This essential item can be used to clean your dishes and sanitize surfaces. It also serves as a good bartering item. You can also use it to clean your windows, and it is very useful for food preservation. It also makes a great substitute for toilet paper and soap.

Paper clips

Paper clips are a common household item that can come in handy during a survival situation. They can be used to open and close a bag, hold a belt buckle, and hold frayed hems or sleeves together. Moreover, they are very sturdy, making them an excellent choice for making a makeshift chain to tie gear together.

They are also useful in fishing. They can serve as a lure and hook. While they aren’t very effective at catching larger fish, paper clips are good at catching small ones. First, you can bend a paper clip into a “J” shape and create a small loop. Next, wrap the rest of the clip around the hook two times.


Paracord is a great survival item that is extremely useful. You can use it for all kinds of purposes, from building a shelter to repairing broken gear. Depending on the type of paracord you have, you can even braid it to make fishing lures. Make sure the handle wraps are made with a quick-release system to keep your hands free when working with paracord.

It comes in different colors and strengths, but the best paracord is the one made from a military-style 550 cord. However, there are cheaper versions available, such as Extremus Type III 550 cord.


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