Best Handheld Radio For Preppers

By Bob Jones Jan8,2023

best handheld radio for preppers

When you are looking for the best handheld radio for preppers, you will probably have a lot of choices. You want to make sure that you find something that is good for you and your family. But you also don’t want to spend a ton of money on a model that isn’t going to perform very well. Here are some options to consider:

TYT MD-380

If you’re looking for a handheld ham radio for preppers, the Tytera MD-380 is a great option. It’s affordable, easy to use, and offers great features. This radio supports both analog and digital channels, and you can adjust its power output to either 1W or 5W.

One of the best things about the TYT MD-380 is its large color LCD display. The backlit keypad is helpful in emergency situations. You can also switch the light on or off, saving battery life.

Another feature that helps the MD-380 stand out is its support for Digital Mobile Radio. It allows you to link to amateur radio stations anywhere in the world. With DMR, you get crystal-clear audio. Also, you don’t have to worry about the gradual lessening of signal as you would with analog.

One of the things that we liked about the TYT MD-380 is that it has a larger battery than most competing models in this price range. In fact, the battery can last up to 12 hours of use. Depending on your usage, you may want to consider investing in a pair of headphones.

If you’re interested in a ham radio, you should look for one that has good battery life and good sound. Most radios use rechargeable batteries, but you can also find non-rechargeable AA batteries.

TYT has a variety of ham radios, including a VHF version of the MD-380. Both of these models can be used with a standard Kenwood two-pin connector.

Other features of the TYT MD-380 include a lone worker mode, a DTMF keypad, and a low power alarm. Additionally, it can be programmed with popular desktop software.

BaoFeng BF-F8HP

The BaoFeng BF-F8HP handheld radio is a good choice for preppers, especially if you want a more powerful model. This model features eight watts of power and a battery that lasts for twenty hours on medium power and twenty-four hours on high power. It is also a reliable radio that broadcasts up to 10 miles with minimal feedback disruptions.

One of the best features of the radio is the Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS). This feature allows users to receive and transmit signals to help rescuers track the location of distressed people. APRS supports Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio (D-STAR) operation, which improves data transmission.

Another good feature of the radio is the Emergency Automatic Identification (EAI) function. EAI is a signal that can be transmitted to help rescuers locate the person in distress.

Another great feature of the BaoFeng BF-F8HP is the Skywarn Storm Spotter technology. In addition to the emergency alert, this radio features a built-in flashlight. Choosing a radio that is versatile is important, as well.

The BF-F8HP comes with an in-depth manual that explains all the features of the radio. This makes it easier to operate. You can customize the display, adjust the number of scans, and select channels to use. Most settings are programmable through the keypad.

The BF-F8HP also has a dual PTT button, which allows users to synchronize two PTT functions. The radio can be set to turn on when it hears a voice. A timer is also included.

Despite the many features of the BF-F8HP, it is also one of the least expensive full power handheld radios on the market. That makes it a popular choice among preppers.

Kenwood Original TH-D74A

The Kenwood Original TH-D74A is a full-featured tri-band handheld transceiver that is both user-friendly and high-performance. Whether you are planning a camping trip or just looking to keep in touch with your family, the TH-D74A offers the versatility and power you need.

It has a bright TFT color trans-reflective display. A rubber antenna is included with the radio. You can also add an external antenna. This model is designed to last, as it has an 1800mAh battery pack.

It comes with an Emergency Automatic Identification feature, which transmits a signal to allow rescuers to track the location of a distressed person. With this radio, you can save time and effort in search and rescue operations.

In addition, this radio has a built-in GPS and Bluetooth support. Moreover, it supports APRS, an advanced communication protocol that makes it easy to send real-time local information.

As a full-featured handheld radio, the TH-D74A includes advanced functions that are not found on other models. It has an innovative user interface, featuring a user-friendly design and pop-up screens. Also, this model is waterproof and dust-proof.

The TH-D74A has four output settings and a built-in GPS. Other features include a tri-band capacity, D-Star compatibility, and a bright reflective screen.

One of the radio’s best features is its Automatic Packet Reporting System, which includes real-time GPS and storm forecasting. This makes it ideal for monitoring.

Its compact form factor makes it great for hiking and other outdoor activities. When the GPS is turned off, this radio’s battery can last between 8 and 20 hours.

Its user-friendly keypad and front panel layout make it convenient for users. Additionally, the radio supports USB connectivity, allowing you to log on to a radio network through your computer.

Yaesu FT-65R

The Yaesu FT-65R is a feature rich handheld radio for preppers. With 5W of transmitting power, it meets the MIL-810-C standard. It is waterproof, with an IP54 rating.

Yaesu’s FT-65R is a follow-up to their discontinued FT-60R dual-band radio. Although this radio is similar to the older model, it includes a few new features. For instance, the FT-65R has a built-in flashlight. This allows you to easily locate a specific channel if it’s dark outside.

There are a number of special features on this radio, notably a CTCSS tones feature. This feature filters transmissions to ensure that only pre-arranged sources trigger the bell.

This feature also lets you store information about repeaters. You can save the offset, tone frequency and other parameters in the radio’s memory. Using this feature, you can quickly reprogram the radio to a different repeater.

Another feature you’ll find on the FT-65R is an alarm. As part of the Emergency Channel function, this feature activates a loud alert sound when the radio detects an emergency. In addition, you can choose to lock out the PTT key.

Moreover, the FT-65R has squelch level control and a built-in flashlight. If you’re looking for a radio with a larger battery capacity, you may want to consider the FT-60R.

Both radios have a wide coverage of frequencies. They cover all frequencies from 108 MHz to 520 MHz. They use a single pin accessory jack. One of the downsides of this radio is that it’s difficult to read the function labels on the front panel in dim light.

The BF-F8HP, on the other hand, has an LCD that sits in a shallow well. However, the LCD is not fragile.

ICOM 2300H

The IC-2300H is a mobile HAM radio. It’s built tough and has a rugged aluminum diecast chassis. This ensures effective heat dissipation and a stable RF output during a high duty cycle of continuous transmission.

IC-2300H is a powerful and versatile radio. It has over 200 alphanumeric channels and is equipped with 10 memory banks. In addition, its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for carrying.

Another advantage of this radio is its built-in antennas. Moreover, it has an impressive battery life. A long-lasting battery is a plus for ham radios. Also, it can be programmed to a specific frequency.

It is ideal for outdoor use. IC-2300H has an alpha-numeric display that can be read even in direct sunlight. There are also a variety of scan functions. For example, there is an automatic scan mode which can be used to find the best frequencies. Alternatively, you can manually select radio frequencies through knobs.

Besides, it supports Dynamic Memory Scan system. You can assign your most frequently used function to the left or right keys. Using this function, you can quickly access the function you need.

Another feature is the pocket beep function, which gives an audible signal of an incoming call. Among its other features, this radio offers the ability to receive and transmit over 144/220/430 MHz and is compatible with APRS.

To make the most of your radio, you should choose a model that has a good user manual. Some of the models have sparse documentation, which can be difficult to understand. Moreover, you should invest in rechargeable batteries for greater convenience.

Lastly, you should consider a radio that has a DC connection. DC connections are becoming more popular these days. Moreover, you can easily pair your radio with a quality mag-mount antenna.

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