Prepper Paradise: Bunkers Galore in South Dakota’s Survival Community

By Bob Jones Apr13,2024
bunker for sale
bunker for sale

A Bunker Bonanza for the Prepared

If you’re the type who likes to be ready for anything, then you’ll love what’s going on down in South Dakota. In the remote Black Hills region, a little community called Vivos xPoint is just bursting at the seams with survival bunkers – over 575 of them, to be exact! These bunkers were initially built by the U.S. Army to store munitions. Still, now they’re being repurposed and sold off to preppers, survivalists, and anyone else who wants a super-secure, off-grid hideaway. And let me tell you, these things are no joke. We’re talking about hardened concrete and steel structures that can withstand anything Mother Nature or humanity can throw at them.

Luxury Living, Underground Style

Each bunker provides 2,200 square feet of living space – enough room to hunker down with your family and ride out even the worst disaster. They’re designed to be fully self-sufficient, with air filtration, water storage, and all the other essentials you’d need to survive for at least a year without ever having to step foot outside. And the best part? You can customize these bunkers however you want. From basic units starting at $55,000 to deluxe three-bedroom models for $575,000, there’s something to fit every prepper’s budget and wish list. Imagine having your little underground oasis, complete with all the comforts of home (plus the added security of being, you know, underground and all).

A Fortress in the Hills

The location of Vivos xPoint is not an accident either—it is 3,800 feet, over 100 miles from any primary military targets. And with the rugged Black Hills as its backdrop, this place is about as remote and defensible as possible. It’s the perfect spot to set up your doomsday bunker and await the world’s end in style. So, if you’re tired of daydreaming about being a prepper and want to take the plunge, head down to South Dakota. With all these bunkers just waiting to be claimed, this could be your chance to turn that prepper fantasy into a reality.

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