Cheap Prepper Items You Should Have in Your Stash

By Bob Jones May16,2023

cheap prepper items

Prepping for disaster need not break the bank; by shopping smart and stashing items strategically, it can actually save money while prepping.

Prepping with essential items such as rain ponchos and duct tape can make all the difference when faced with an emergency situation. With their ability to help protect you from SHTF events, these cheap prepper items could prove vitally important when SHTF.

1. Plastic tarp

plastic tarps provide an economical and portable way to cover shelter from rainstorms in disaster scenarios, making them an excellent addition to a prepper’s survival arsenal.

Polyethylene is the go-to material, as it is highly flexible, waterproof and long-wearing – all qualities which ensure it remains usable when exposed to extreme elements.

Amazon is an invaluable source for preppers looking for tarps online shopping platforms such as this one offer a selection of them at prices to suit every budget, with various brands, options and brands to suit any price point imaginable – plus accessories like bungee cords and repair kits to ensure its quality!

2. Matches and lighters

If the SHTF ever occurs, these items will allow for safe lighting of fires and candles. Easy to find at a dollar store, these versatile emergency supplies can be utilized in multiple ways during an emergency situation.

Matches are also more eco-friendly when it comes to disposal compared to disposable lighters; their natural wood construction is much better for the environment than plastic and petrochemical-based lighters that pollute our waters with plastic waste.

One great dollar store find is a flashlight. They’re cheap, compact and take up minimal space – perfect additions to both bug out bags and car kits alike! Furthermore, flashlights can also help clean your home during disaster situations by cutting through dust hazes while acting as emergency beacons.

3. Tactical gloves

Gloves provide invaluable protection and can keep your hands clean when handling items, cleaning up after disasters or operating equipment. In addition, gloves provide shielding from diseases or infections when caring for sick family members or tossing out trash.

They typically feature breathable materials like polyester and nylon that absorb moisture, provide adequate ventilation, and decrease sweating. Furthermore, most gloves feature an easy hook and loop cuff puller to quickly fasten or unfasten them for wearers.

These gloves are often designed for military, police and law enforcement operatives but have many uses in prepping as well. Particularly helpful for those needing enhanced dexterity when operating weapons and other gear that requires dexterity; many even feature Kevlar or another flameproof material for extra safety in hot environments.

4. Duct tape

If you don’t already stockpile duct tape, then you are missing one of the essential cheap prepper items. This versatile product serves multiple uses, from temporarily bandaging wounds to repairing broken glass pieces. Duct tape was first developed during World War II when soldiers observed how liquids flow off it like water off a duck’s back.

Other adhesives, like glues and epoxies, react chemically with the materials they adhere to; duct tape remains solid at room temperature and waterproof in case of disasters; additionally it comes in various sizes and colors making this an invaluable addition to your prepping arsenal. It is well worth investing in some duct tape rolls to round off your prepper arsenal!

5. Food bars

Food bars are an inexpensive and nutritious prepping item that can provide much-needed energy in an emergency situation. Plus, their long shelf life and variety of flavors add variety to your emergency diet plan.

A box of bobby pins can come in handy during an emergency: they make for great ties for bundles, can serve as lockpicks/keychains and even treat insect bites! Plus they’re cheap and easy to come across!

Alternatively, consider buying online. Some dollar stores provide discounted or flat-rate shipping directly to your home, enabling you to stockpile items and gather extras in case of disaster bartering situations. With your supplies secured you can then focus on adding other more costly preps into your survival kit.

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