Coalatree Haswell Survival Knife Reviews

coalatree haswell survival knife reviews


This survival knife features exquisite hand craftsmanship. Add in its durable steel and wood construction, and this rugged blade will thrive as a tool in the outdoors.

Dylan Wanta of Salt Lake City was responsible for creating this extraordinary survival knife with its wedge-shaped Scandi grind blade that looks absolutely fantastic and can withstand anything thrown its way.

Hand Forged Blade

Hand-forged knives tend to be harder and more durable than machine-made. This is due to skilled bladesmiths using manual processes to form their blades into shape. Furthermore, hand-forged models often include bolsters and full tangs compared with stamped knives; as well as being heavier overall.

Hand-forged knives often look more professional than their stamped counterparts, having more character that lends them an individual identity. Furthermore, when properly cared for and maintained they will endure hard use for extended periods of time.

Coalatree’s knife is made of 1095 carbon steel with a walnut handle, featuring a Scandi grind blade designed for bushcraft, batoning, and whittling – ideal for bushcraft, batoning, and whittling – making this classic outdoor blade attractive to both novice campers as well as veteran veterans alike. Plus, this piece comes complete with its own veggie-tanned leather sheath to protect its contents in any conditions!

Walnut Handle

Coalatree’s Haswell survival knife brings back memories of superior craftsmanship. This fixed blade bushcraft knife is heavy, rugged and reliable – guaranteed to meet any challenge that comes its way.

This 4.7mm thick 1095 high-carbon steel blade features a Scandi grind to make short work of bushcraft tasks, with its walnut wood handle fastened by brass rivets for fast use and an included leather sheath for either righties or lefties.

This survival knife looks fantastic and feels even better in your hand, thanks to its superior materials that will last a lifetime if handled with care. Furthermore, its full tang design means the blade runs right through its handle for added toughness and durability.

Scandi Grind Blade

The Haswell survival knife features a Scandi-grind blade designed for bushcraft and wood carving, hand forged in charcoal by professional blacksmiths and finished off with an ultra-rugged feel and durability. Each sheath handmade by Utah leather worker Diamond Jim also comes equipped with this knife – and all come equipped with one or more sheaths by him as well. Scandi grinds are suitable for woodworking but require regular stropping to maintain sharpness; therefore ideally suited to whittling or woodworking activities while remaining agile when handling bushcraft situations requiring frequent bevel changes between bevel edges that starts below midway point with no secondary edges – perfect for bushcraft and woodworking applications as they do not create secondary edges like traditional razor sharpening blades do – while having one bevel starting below midway point allows them to sharpen in use whittling or woodworking tasks as these require regular sharpening stroppings to maintain sharpness when needed to maintain sharpness when used whittling or woodworking using blade sharpening tools frequently as needed when used stropping to keep its edge sharpness.

Although many may prefer one knife blade style or grind over another, the key to selecting an effective and practical knife for everyday tasks lies in selecting one with an appropriate 30 degree blade angle that provides similar initial cuts; any of these grinds may work equally well for battoning as their thinner shoulders make for easier battoning action than flat or sabre designs.

Full Tang Blade

The Coatree Haswell Survival Knife is constructed from high carbon 1095 steel, providing it with sufficient strength and durability for bushcraft activities. Furthermore, its sheath provides extra security. Furthermore, its classic design makes this an excellent knife choice for beginners to start out using.

Full-tang blades, as used here, extend all the way into their handles, sandwiched between two slabs of handle material and fastened with metallic rivets on either side. Such knives tend to be more reliable, sturdy, and resilient – ideal for camping trips and survival adventures alike.

Encapsulated or skeletonized tangs offer another variation on the full-tang, with their smaller size making them difficult to detect due to being embedded within the handle material.


Five years ago, Coalatree introduced this limited edition survival knife and quickly sold out. Since then, they’ve been looking for ways to bring it back without compromising the quality.

This new version features hand-forged 1095 high carbon steel with a full tang blade to provide maximum versatility for cutting, batoning and shaving tasks. Specifically tailored for bushcrafting and outdoor survival scenarios with its Scandi grind blade delivering maximum efficiency across a variety of tasks, this knife boasts its own wedge-shaped edge to maximize productivity in every situation.

This walnut handle is stunning to look at and fits seamlessly in your hand, while the vegetable-tanned leather sheath provides protection from wear. A heavy-duty knife and sheath that makes you feel like an iconic badass! Additionally, each knife is unique as each bears tool marks from its creator and indentations from any tool-markers who crafted it.

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