The Best Survival Utensils For Backpackers

By Bob Jones May27,2023

best survival utensils

As you select items to include in your survival kit, each must serve multiple purposes beyond just eating – cordage can help climb steep terrain; knives have many uses; survival spoons also do more than simply feeding you!

The Survival Spoon

This spork set combines spoon, fork and knife into one compact package – ideal for backpacking. It stores neatly inside a mug or bowl for storage purposes; plus its convenient mesh drawstring case makes for easier transportability. Plus it’s great for picnicking, day hiking and restaurants that don’t provide takeout utensils!

Titanium is an extremely lightweight material, making this spork very comfortable to hold in both your hand and in your mouth. Plus, its familiar shape makes it easy to forget you are using one instead of traditional fork and spoon.

It’s BPA, PC and phthalate free as well as dishwasher safe, featuring a metal bottle opener and small tool for scraping pots and pans clean. Not the lightest option here but still worth having as part of a backpacking or car camping kitchen set – available in multiple color choices too!

The Stainless Steel Set

Stainless steel cookware is durable, versatile and quickly heats up. Additionally, its nonreactive surface does not react with acidic foods, while being heat resistant it’s ideal for searing and braising.

As it doesn’t contain nickel like other stainless steel options do, stainless steel may also be an ideal choice for those with allergies; however, trace amounts of chromium could still cause irritation in those with sensitive skin.

Our testers found this set easy to use, enjoying its solid feel in their hands and its comfortable rounded handles that remained cool to the touch during our tests. Glass lids allow you to monitor food while it cooks; making this an excellent value set that offers professional-style cookware without breaking the bank – though their curved shapes could make stacking challenging.

The Survival Knife

Survival knives are essential tools in an emergency or life-threatening situation, offering invaluable protection. Typically these fixed blade knives feature blades made of stainless steel or carbon for optimal rust-resistance; carbon can lose its edge faster if exposed to moisture or liquids.

Most survival knives are single-edged, making them versatile enough for tasks like batoning or prying loose objects from walls or shelves. A straight back also makes using the blade easier when applying leverage or bracing objects against each other.

Schrade SCHF52 Survival Knife is an excellent option for outdoor adventures, featuring a sheath complete with ferro rod, striker, and sharpening stone for all-terrain use. Additionally, its black fiberglass-based laminate G-10 handle boasts a distinctive pattern resembling wood grain while offering backup lanyard hole storage capabilities.

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