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One of the best ways to protect your home is by reinforcing your door and frame. Studies show that 80% of burglaries occur through ground-level entrances, making it essential to reinforce them for added protection.

To improve door jamb security, consider investing in a door jamb reinforcement kit. These typically include metal reinforcement pieces to make the frame harder to pry open and come equipped with improved strike plates, hinge guards and other physical security barriers.

Jamb Reinforcement

Door jamb reinforcement kits are designed to bolster the strength of a home’s weakest point on an exterior door, often used in combination with other security measures to bolster the structure overall.

Jamb reinforcement kits are an ideal addition to any home, as they’re simple to install and offer extra protection from break-ins. Plus, these kits tend to be more budget friendly than other security options since they include everything needed for enhanced protection at minimal cost.

The most common entry point into a home is through the wooden door frame, so to protect your belongings from burglars you should reinforce this area. Particularly vulnerable is the strike plate which holds your deadbolt and latch together.

If the strike plate is not strong enough to withstand a kick-in, then the entire door frame may collapse and fall to the ground. This occurs because lock strike plates are only held onto door frames by soft wood moldings that can easily be torn away by an impact such as a hard kick or shoulder slam.

That is why the most common and effective home security upgrade is to reinforce the door and frame. According to the FBI, 70% of all break-ins occur due to a failed door frame.

Without reinforcement on the door frame, a kick-in can split open the wooden casing of your door and force lock and bolts out of their jambs. Fortunately, StrikeMaster II PRO helps to prevent this from occurring and keeps burglars away from your home.

This kit includes a dual strike plate to replace your exterior door’s standard latch and deadbolt strike plates. Additionally, nine 3-inch wood screws will penetrate into the jamb and bite deeply into any door framing material beneath your trim for additional security.

Furthermore, the StrikeMaster II comes equipped with an adjust-a-tab that ensures your door seals securely when shut. These features make the StrikeMaster II an ideal addition to any home looking to bolster its security.

Hinge Reinforcement

Hinges may not be as secure as a jamb or double door, but they can still be damaged if an intruder manages to kick through them. Fortunately, there are door reinforcement kits available which make hinges less vulnerable to force attacks.

Hinge guards and latch strike plates are two common door reinforcement products. These can either be mounted on the front of a door or attached directly to its hinges, helping prevent break-ins and robberies by adding extra security.

Hinges guards come in various sizes, making them suitable for a range of doors and frames. This makes them an ideal choice for those who wish to strengthen their doors without needing additional hardware.

The best hinge reinforcers are made from durable steel and designed to last. Not only are they resistant to rust, but they have been heat-sealed powder coating which keeps them looking good for an extended period of time.

They come in a range of colors to match your jambs and door hardware. Some are even paintable for that polished look on the outside of your home.

Hinges come in a variety of materials, such as brass, aluminum, stainless steel and chrome. Their strength varies so you need to select one that can withstand an intrusion.

Many hinges come with built-in security tabs to prevent theft. Piano hinges, for instance, feature a pin that runs the length of their hinge; these can also be removed with tools but don’t offer as much protection as those featuring inbuilt tabs.

Some hinges feature an integrated strike plate to prevent them from splitting when kicked in. Although more expensive than basic hinge guards, these offer better protection against intruders’ kicks.

Strike plates are an effective way to increase the strength of your hinges, but they’re sometimes difficult to install. Not only do they take time and require special tools, but if you don’t have much experience working with wood then this DIY project may not be for you.

Double Door Reinforcement

Door reinforcement kits are an affordable yet effective way to bolster home security. When combined with other security measures like alarm systems and surveillance cameras, these can make your house less of a target for burglary.

These kits replace your current latches, locks and hinges with stronger ones that are much harder to kick open. The best ones have been tested and proven effective at preventing break-ins – and installation doesn’t need any major alterations to your home.

The most common type of door reinforcement kit involves a metal strike plate screwed into the jamb (frame around your door) to deter kick-ins from the opposite side. These cost around $10 for one plate and can also be purchased as part of larger systems that include a door shield and hinge guards.

Strike plates are long, flat pieces of steel that sit over the lock side of your jamb and are secured with extra-long screws that tap into wall studs. If you live in an apartment or condo that has a wood or brick wall behind your door, strike plates are especially essential.

To increase your door security, consider installing hinge shields that fit over your hinges and are secured through their original holes. These are the final weak point in case of attack from a battering ram or other force, so these can shield against these threats while also keeping your doors from splitting at their hinges.

Hinge shields come in a variety of designs to fit your door jamb. The more effective models, such as the EZArmor Platinum and Gold variants, wrap around the jamb on either side to protect wood from breaking down during kicks or other physical attacks.

Another type of guard you can add to your door is a pry shield. These shields are intended to stop prying open of doors and are ideal if you live in an area where safety of family or belongings is a real concern.

Frame Reinforcement

Frame reinforcement kits come in all shapes and sizes. Trail Gear offers several options that should meet the needs of those who want to keep their vehicle on the road instead of in the garage. From nebula-sized jacks to lighter weight pillars that will last a lifetime. Plus, we have some one off specials you won’t find anywhere else! These premium products won’t break your budget – with prices that start under $200! Whether you need an all-in-one or just want to ensure that everything works together smoothly, these top notch items will give you an edge over competitors.

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