Prepper Long Term Food Storage List

By Bob Jones Sep18,2022

If you want to have a long-term food storage list, you should consider adding foods that are high in protein and fiber. These foods are also highly versatile and store well. Beans and legumes are another must-have. They are low-calorie and contain plenty of protein and fiber. Fats are also essential for good nutrition and cooking, and are usually long-lasting on the shelf.

Beans are a great source of protein, fiber, and nutrients. They are also very long-lasting and don’t require refrigeration. Another excellent choice for long-term storage is freeze-dried vegetables and fruits. These foods can be dried, rehydrated, and stored in the freezer. You can even turn these vegetables into chips and snacks.

While the shelf life of prepping foods is near-unlimited, it is still best to choose those that can last for up to 25 years. In general, survival food will last much longer than grocery store food. While the CDC and FEMA recommend having a 3-day supply of emergency food, you may want to consider a longer-term supply. You can buy emergency food kits from companies like Mountain House, but you can also make your own survival food.

In addition to storing food, you should also store certain types of oxygen and moisture absorbers. They will help you to prolong the shelf life of your long-term food storage items. For example, if you store foods in mylar bags, it is better to add silica packets to absorb moisture.

You should also store foods high in protein and calories. For example, if you store 300 pounds of dried goods, you can feed an adult with enough calories and protein to last a year. In addition, you should store some vitamins and minerals. These will be vital for your overall health. If you aren’t getting enough protein or vitamins, you will be suffering with symptoms of deficiency, including diarrhea, pain, and mental confusion.

Another type of protein storage is canned meat, which has a nearly infinite shelf life. Canned meats, like chicken, turkey, and tuna, can be stored for up to five years. You can also store beef jerky and spam. These two options are good sources of calories and carbohydrates and require much less preparation than other ingredients.

Another staple food item on the prepper long term food storage list is milk. It has a long shelf life and is excellent for reconstituting favorite comfort foods. It is also inexpensive and easy to store in bulk. When combined with other items, milk is an essential part of any long-term food storage kit.

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