Survivalist Where to Find Monkeys

survivalist where to find monkeys

If you’re having difficulty on The Survivalists’ shipwrecked island, having some assistance from a monkey squad could be essential to survival. Monkeys can be trained to do everything from mining resources and crafting items to fighting enemies or transporting themselves around.

You can recruit these helpful primates by breaking their cages. Once enough of these creatures have joined your crew, your tasks can be completed faster and with greater efficiency.

Monkeys can be found all over the map

Monkeys are one of the many non-hostile NPCs found on The Survivalists Islands, from Orcling camps to wandering the Island or trapped inside Vaults or Labyrinths.

Bots can be trained to do anything from harvesting trees and gathering resources to building structures and carrying tools and chests to be accessible on-the-go.

An integral component of the game is having enough monkeys on your team to assist with inventory management – without them around, collecting loot might become much harder!

Monkeys can also help when it comes to fighting enemies, as their speed makes them good at dodging any threats too close. Amassing large groups can provide a useful means of fighting Orclings and other dangers on the Island provided you provide all your best weapons to each group member.

They can be trained to do anything

Monkeys can be trained to do nearly anything imaginable – from collecting resources to building rafts – so that you can spend less time gathering materials and more time playing the game itself.

Training a monkey may take time and patience, but the process itself is straightforward: simply give the animal something they will find helpful such as a weapon or multitool and let him or her learn by example.

Your monkey will then follow you around, carrying out whatever task you assign it – such as picking up rocks or harvesting resources like trees that contain anything useful for you.

Train them to use weapons or multitools, which may assist you with more complex tasks such as crafting. Finally, teach them to fight enemies within the game.

They can be bribed

In this game, you can bribe monkeys to assist with various tasks – destroying rocks and trees, digging for mud/sand deposits, crafting items like tables/axes etc.

This can make life simpler if you are new to survival games; but it also means keeping a close eye on your chimpanzee crew; their AI can sometimes be unpredictable, and so it may be best if they take care of themselves instead of being directed by you.

When not helping, monkeys tend to roam aimlessly, searching for somewhere comfortable to rest their heads or food to consume. You might find them sleeping in cages around the island or roaming freely through its forests.

They can be attacked

Monkeys typically don’t fear people, but as their natural habitats disappear, their relationship has become increasingly dangerous. Recently in Japan alone, 42 people were injured after macaques attacked and entered their homes, according to police officials in that region.

Attacks first reported earlier this month have led to city officials to increase patrols and set traps, but none of the monkeys have been caught yet. Instead, they appear to be entering homes through open windows or sliding doors.

If a monkey feels threatened, they’ll usually make an attempt at sending out warning signals before attacking you directly. For instance, they might smile and show their teeth before giving a short “lunge.”

If attacked, do not run from or display fear; doing so will only make the animal feel inferior and increase its chance of attacking again. Instead, back away slowly while making eye contact and not turning your back on it.

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