How to Redeem Code in State of Survival

By Bob Jones May17,2023

how to redeem code in state of survival

State of Survival is a free-to-play strategy survival game, immersing players into an oncoming zombie apocalypse by building bases and fighting off waves of undead enemies.

Developers frequently issue promo codes that allow players to redeem in-game rewards such as resources, speedup boosters and Biocaps; these promo codes usually have time restrictions and will expire after some period of time has elapsed.

How to redeem a code

State of Survival is a free-to-play mobile game that blends base building with zombie horde fighting. Additionally, its gacha system rewards players with heroes that enhance gameplay experience.

State of Survival’s developers offer redeemable codes to players so that they may access free rewards in-game. Although these may seem inconsequential, redeemable codes can help quickly progress players through the game – however they don’t last forever as they expire quickly.

State of Survival players looking to redeem codes should log into their game accounts and head directly to their profile menu, selecting Settings > Gift Redemption from there. This will bring up a list of redeemable codes; depending on which code it is redeemed with can reward in-game items like Biocaps, Search Maps and Speedups that help upgrade bases faster while fighting zombie hordes faster!

How to use a code

State of Survival gift and promo codes (sometimes referred to as promo codes) are unique codes provided by game developers for sharing on various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit Discord and their game official forum website. These codes often reward in-game items like Biocaps Search Maps Speedup boosters that help accelerate player’s advancement in State of Survival more rapidly.

State of Survival players looking to redeem codes should access the Settings menu and select “Gift Redemption Codes.” Once there, they can type in their codes to receive rewards associated with it – though these offers typically last only temporarily! It is best to take advantage of them quickly before their duration ends!

Error messages stating “exchange requirements don’t meet” indicate that your code has expired and is no longer redeemable. Check back often as new redeemable codes tend to be made available during special events, milestones and holidays.

How to get a code

State of Survival is a popular free-to-play mobile game that immerses you in a zombie apocalypse, collecting resources to defend against zombie hordes while expanding your base. But without redeemable codes, getting all these resources may prove challenging.

These unique alphanumeric combinations offer you various in-game rewards, from premium currencies and items to special events or milestones rewards. Developers usually release these codes via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Discord; occasionally these codes may also be given out by players themselves on special occasions or milestones.

However, these codes don’t last forever and when trying to use one may return an error message saying that their requirements don’t match, usually meaning the code has expired. To prevent missing out on exclusive rewards due to expired codes it’s wise to visit this page regularly as we scour the internet looking for new codes and post them here.

How to get more codes

As with many mobile games, State of Survival gives players codes they can redeem to receive in-game rewards – often resources like food and wood, but sometimes search maps or speedup boosters too! Codes are typically distributed by developers via social media accounts such as Reddit or the game’s Discord server.

These codes have a limited shelf-life, so be sure to redeem them quickly after receiving them. To do so, open the game and tap your chief profile icon at the top left of the main menu; navigate into settings menu; click ‘Gift redemption’ button in there and claim code(s).

Once clicked, a window will pop open with a text box for entering your code and once submitted will deliver its rewards directly into your in-game mail. Note: the code works on both Android and iOS versions of the game!

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