The Best Emergency Blanket For Outdoor Activities

best emergency blanket

If you plan to participate in outdoor activities like hiking, backpacking or camping, it is wise to invest in an emergency blanket as an important safety measure.

The best blankets are lightweight and portable, providing plenty of protection surface area while remaining easy to transport. Some models even come equipped with additional textiles.


No matter if you are hiking, mountaineering, marathon running or even working as rescue worker. Mylar blankets are compact yet highly effective tools and economical as well.

Mylar is a high-performance polyethylene film widely used for various applications, from long-term food storage bags and reflective emergency blankets, to reflective emergency curtains and reflective tape. Commonly referred to as BoPET (Biaxially-Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate), Mylar can also come equipped with an optional layer of vapor-metallized aluminum that reduces gas permeability up to 140 times!

Mylar pouches with oxygen absorbers offer excellent odor-resistant packaging options and durability, making them the ideal choice for packaging dry goods like wheat, oats, rice, beans and pasta – keeping their freshness up to 30 years! Additionally, Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers can safely store freeze-dried foods such as dried eggs, nuts, seeds or meat for up to five years as well.

Mylar can also be utilized as part of a debris shelter to block wind and reduce heat loss through radiation. Attach it using duct tape before covering with another wool or fleece blanket for maximum insulation.

Blankets can be invaluable survival aids when trapped in the woods and need to keep warm and stay dry. Easy to attach to any solid surface, they will keep you both warm and dry in case of fires.

They’re also perfect for storing water. Being lightweight and durable, they make an excellent rainwater reservoir. Furthermore, their multicolored design makes them easy to find in the wilderness as a signal to search and rescue crews.

Mylar foil can also be used to create fishing lures by tying it around stones to create weights. Mylar also helps make your lure brighter, making it more likely to attract fish.

Mylar should be included as part of any survival kit as it serves multiple functions ranging from insulate food storage and reflecting body heat back onto you to create debris shelters and signal signals when lost.

Metalized Polyester

Emergency blankets are essential components of any survival kit and a high-quality emergency blanket can save lives in an instant. By protecting against hypothermia and frostbite by insulate and blocking out wind/rain, emergency blankets help prevent hypothermia/ frostbite while providing extra warmth/insulation in clothing/ sleeping bags or when outdoors.

Mylar emergency blankets are lightweight and inexpensive options that reflect back your body heat while retaining it, making them great for travel or storage purposes. These lightweight emergency blankets can easily fit into a backpack or glove compartment.

Metalized polyester blankets provide another lightweight and cost-effective option, while being more tear-resistant than their mylar counterparts.

Emergency blankets such as this one are widely utilized by long-distance runners to combat rapid temperature shifts after running races and during hot weather emergencies, including car trapping. Furthermore, they’re great at blocking out sun glare or heat when trapped inside vehicles during extreme heatwaves.

Mylar and metalized polyester emergency blankets are among the most commonly-used emergency blankets, reflecting roughly 90% of radiated body heat, and can even come in different colors to make them easier to spot in low light environments.

If you need an emergency blanket that is durable, puncture resistant, and won’t shred when punctured or punctured, look no further than Survive Outdoors Longer’s emergency blankets. Their blankets reflect 90% of body heat back towards you while being 30%-50% thicker than other emergency blankets on the market and constructed from special metalized polyester material that offers greater puncture- and tear-resistance than ordinary polyester materials.

Survive Outdoors Longer’s heat reflective emergency blankets differ from their Space(r) counterparts by having color-coding (orange on the exterior, silver interior). This makes it simpler and ensures maximum thermal return from your blanket.

These camping blankets are great choices as they’re durable and quieter than similar space(r) brand models, plus come equipped with grommets and reinforced corners to quickly set up as shelter if necessary.

One potential downside of these blankets is their crinkly and noisy surface, which could pose issues if used as shelter. But, these blankets remain an ideal choice for hiking, biking and other outdoor activities.


Wool is an eco-friendly material with many advantages over synthetic materials, including being durable, warm, breathable, stain- and water-repellant – qualities which make it perfect for blankets.

Insulated bedding provides maximum protection in an emergency, helping prevent heat build-up under your covers and helping regulate body temperature for better restful nights’ rest.

Wool fibres have hollows that trap heat to provide insulation. This means your body can retain more of its own heat, making wool an excellent survival item.

Wool is one of the key benefits of environmental sustainability due to its non-conductive nature, making it easier to keep dust at bay without vacuuming regularly or the need for black plastic alternatives. This reduces time spent vacuuming blankets while offering more eco-friendly alternatives than black plastic alternatives.

Wool is naturally water repellant fiber that prevents rain or snow from penetrating its fibers. This property is due to the outer scales of each fiber acting hydrophobically – meaning that they do not allow any liquid penetration through.

This feature is essential in keeping moisture from seeping into a blanket or sleeping bag and will make them last longer. They’re also very comfortable to use; thick wool blankets will keep you warmer for longer!

Wool is naturally fireproof, meaning that it won’t burn or stick to your skin like other synthetic fibers do, making it safe to use in emergency situations like firefighter uniforms and clothing.

Wool isn’t just fireproof; it’s also soft and gentle against skin. Plus, its natural antimicrobial properties help keep hands and bodies healthy!

Finally, this material is hypoallergenic, so it won’t trigger any allergic reactions when worn by its wearers. Furthermore, its breathability helps you remain cooler in hot environments.

Grabber Blanket

Grabber Blanket makes an ideal emergency blanket and medical kit addition. Lightweight yet breathable and durable, there is a range of colors to choose from for the Grabber Blanket so it should meet all your needs.

This emergency blanket reflects and retains up to 80% of your body heat, keeping you warm in extreme environments. Crafted with vacuum-deposited metal and polyester film for optimal warmth reflection and trapping capabilities. Plus, its reflective surface serves as an invaluable signaling aid should an accident or disaster strike.

Regulate body temperature with this pocket-size blanket by reflecting sunlight away from you and keeping you warmer for longer. Plus, when needed it opens to 5ft by 7ft size when expanded!

Emergency blankets have an incredible capacity to attract fish, making it the ideal tool for your next fishing expedition! To increase chances of success, cut small pieces from the blanket and spread it on the ground as a lure for capture.

The emergency blanket features an aluminized material which does an outstanding job reflecting heat back to you, keeping you cozy even on the coldest nights and days. As such, this emergency blanket makes an excellent companion during winter or hiking trips.

Wrap it around yourself to use as a poncho lining or woobie and it makes an excellent snow goggle in an emergency! Plus, its easy storage makes this piece invaluable!

This emergency blanket comes in silver and high visibility orange for optimal use in any emergency shelter, reflecting and retaining up to 80% body heat to help you remain warm and dry while waiting for rescue.

Grabber Blanket use is an essential survival skill and it should always be available. A Grabber Blanket can act as an efficient means of keeping you safe during an emergency and it will prove an invaluable ally when trying to escape danger.

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