The Best Foods to Store in Prep Kits

By Bob Jones Nov7,2022

preppers best food to store

Dried beans are among the best foods to store in your prep kits. Because they have a reduced water content, dried beans can be stored for years. Once they’re dehydrated, you can use them in a dutch oven or similar substitute. Dried beans are also good for making stews or soups.


Rice is one of the best long-term foods that preppers can store. It can be kept for long periods of time, and triples in volume and weight when cooked. It is very palatable and easy to digest. Rice is also a great way to stretch a small amount of protein, such as chicken, to feed a family of six or more. There are many varieties of rice that can be stored.

Rice is inexpensive, and it is available at most supermarkets. You can buy 10-lb bags for less than $5. When stored properly, rice can last for up to ten years. It also provides a high level of carbohydrates, which are important for physical energy during a crisis.

A pound of white rice is equivalent to approximately 592 calories when cooked. Usually, one cup of cooked rice contains around 125-150 grams (0. 3 pounds). This amount is more than enough for a day’s worth of consumption.


When you’re prepping for long-term food storage, beans are an excellent choice. Several varieties are available, so you can select a variety to keep for long-term storage. However, you should buy 1 pound bags of each variety and taste them to see which ones are best for you and your family. This will help you avoid wasting food on bad beans or those that don’t last long.

Besides being a great source of protein, fiber, and many vitamins, dried beans can be stored for years. The good news is that canned beans are also long-lasting, with a shelf life of up to two years. They can also be reconstituted to make a meal.

When storing beans, a good rule of thumb is to store 50 to 70 pounds per person per year. That’s enough for a family of four to last for decades. Beans can also be stored in dehydrated form.

Canned meats

Canned meats are an excellent choice for prepper meals. They provide a healthy source of protein and are low in calories. They are also shelf stable, making them ideal for preparedness. If you are on a budget, canned chicken can be a great choice.

Canned meats are best stored in a cool, dry, dark place. Ideally, you should store them in the pantry. Avoid mixed meat soups containing tomatoes or vegetables. Meat that is canned in oil will have the highest calorie content. If you need to use it right away, keep it in a cold, dark place. While it can be expensive, canned meat is a great survival option because it is inexpensive, practical, and easy to use.

Canned meats are also great for snacking. They can be used to make chips or meal starters. The best part is that they don’t need refrigeration!

Dried beans

Dried beans are one of the best food choices for long-term storage. They have an incredible shelf-life of up to 30 years, and are packed with nutrients and protein. One of the most popular varieties is pinto beans, which are great for making a nutritious meal. You can store a variety of beans in different storage containers, including 5-gallon buckets.

When storing dried beans, make sure you keep them in an airtight container. They will be susceptible to damage if left in plastic bags, so they should be sealed with a tight-fitting lid. It’s also important to use an oxygen-absorbing bag to prevent them from spoiling. The bags should be placed in a food grade bucket or other airtight containers, so that no air gets inside.

If you’re concerned about the food storage cost, there are some good options that you can purchase in bulk. For example, Augason Farms Pinto Beans are an excellent choice for large-scale storage. Each watertight pail contains 432 servings, so you’ll have enough to feed two people for up to three months.


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