The Best Prepper Blogs

By Bob Jones May20,2023

best prepper blogs

There are many preparedness enthusiasts out there looking for ways to be ready for the next disaster, whether that be financial collapse, economic downturn or natural disaster, terrorist attack etc.

The top prepper blogs provide plenty of useful information. These blogs offer tips for self-reliance and survival and are regularly updated, plus have sections for kit articles and deals.

American Preppers Network

The American Preppers Network is one of the premier prepping blogs, offering articles ranging from bug-out bags and homesteading to food storage and interviews with prepping experts and tips on surviving disaster without modern amenities.

Apartment Prepper is an informative survival blog dedicated to prepping for people living with limited space. Founded by a woman who noticed many online prepping resources were more geared toward individuals who owned land than those without, Apartment Prepper updates regularly with helpful information for its readers.


Survivopedia, with its motto of “Uncommon Wisdom for Survival Times,” is an outstanding prepper blog offering numerous helpful emergency preparedness tips. This resource covers various subjects related to emergency preparedness including survival gear, weapons, health planning and forums where new preppers can seek guidance from veteran preppers.

This survival blog specializes in SHTF events. It offers extensive advice for how to survive in extreme environments and includes articles by leading experts. With an aesthetically pleasing layout and abundant content, this is an indispensable read for those interested in prepping.

Off-Gird Survival is another fantastic survival blog offering advanced information on various subjects relating to survival, self-defense and alternative energy resources.

Skilled Survival

As opposed to other prepper sites that emphasize high-tech gadgets and modern fallout shelters, this website emphasizes basic necessities of survival for survival on a tight budget. As such it makes an invaluable resource.

Apartment Prepper is another incredible blog dedicated to prepping. Led by Bernie Carr, this site focuses on an aspect of prepping that often gets missed – not everyone can move out into the countryside to start their own farm; yet all must remain prepared in case disaster strikes.

The Survivalist is an excellent prepping blog that provides skills and tips to prepare both you and your family for any emergency situation. Their website contains useful articles on food storage, home security, etc.

Off-Gird Survival

Growing Your Food can help those seeking to learn how to grow their own food and become more self-reliant in an emergency situation. In addition, it offers valuable information about preserving food as well as survival skills that could come in handy during an unexpected scenario.

Though not as robust in content as some of the other sites listed here, this survival blog features some excellent articles about homesteading and surviving disaster situations, food storage, home defense, and how to prepare for SHTF events.

This site provides many helpful prepping tips and techniques, such as how to create your own emergency survival kit. Plus, its contents are regularly updated – ideal for beginners looking to start preparing!

The Survivalist

Jon Keeyes (Doom Room, Rogue Hostage)’s latest film The Survivalist follows Sarah, an FBI agent immune to COVID 19 and on the run from Aaron, her gang leader. Seeking refuge with Ben, an old colleague living off grid during a viral pandemic; he agrees to protect her, provided she stays with him until it runs its course; creating an end-of-the-world film complete with all of its standard disease and zombie tropes.

Many people make survivalist preparations for natural disasters like power outages or earthquakes. Some purchase electric generators, water purifiers and several months’ or years’ worth of food in case society collapses. A small minority of survivalists also adhere to religious views related to an apocalyptic outcome of any given crisis.

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