The Best Survival First Aid Kit 2022

By Bob Jones May10,2023

As a mountain professional, I carry a comprehensive survival first aid kit at all times for both my own protection and that of those I guide on trips.

This kit includes heavy-duty medical gear not typically found in other kits, including hospital-grade forceps and trauma shears as well as an assortment of bandage sizes and types.

MyMedic MyFAK First Aid Kit

This pro-grade kit is one of the finest survival first aid kits that we’ve reviewed, boasting an assortment of first aid supplies as well as tools such as wilderness medicine guides and EMT-style shears that set it apart from its competition.

MyMedic MyFAK comes equipped with space blankets, hydration packs and a CPR face shield, in an ergonomic hard case designed to keep its contents safe from moisture damage. One small compartment can even detach from MyMedic MyFAK for use as a mini first aid kit on shorter trips; including quality bandages, ointments and medications – making this survival kit truly indispensable!

AMK Emergency Trauma Kit

This trauma kit is more specialized than your standard first aid kit and designed to address life-threatening injuries like major bleeding. It contains a tourniquet and Celox as well as WoundStop trauma dressing which can be self-applied; plus two pairs of Nitrile gloves and medical tape to complete its contents.

This kit’s contents are organized in separate boxes for easier accessibility when needed. Though not as compact as some of the other kits, it is lightweight enough for carrying in a backpack or car and would make an excellent addition for anyone participating in outdoor activities that could lead to injury.

Red Cross Basic First Aid Kit

Protect Life stands out by including non-traditional items in its first aid kits such as alcohol prep pads, saline irrigation tubes and CPR face shields – something most first aid kits don’t provide.

This kit is an ideal choice for backpacking, camping and car camping adventures. We were impressed with its thoughtful contents that maximize practicality for outdoor adventurers; such as heavy-duty EMT shears instead of flimsy scissors, insect bite wipes, Diamode tablets and moleskin. Although it doesn’t include CPR masks or extra nitrile gloves – that small sacrifice makes up for such an ample and compact kit!

MyMedic MyFAK Trauma and Bleeding Medical Backpack

The MyMedic MyFAK is an ideal group outing kit, packed with supplies designed to cover an extensive variety of injuries and built to military standards.

This backpack provides maximum comfort with its molded comfort back panel, padded shoulder straps, sternum cinch, and adjustable waist belt. Plus it comes equipped with plenty of MOLLE straps to securely add on extra gear.

Although this kit isn’t meant for every person, its high-quality items and professional grade tools such as EMT shears make it one of the best kits to manage serious injuries effectively.

Red Cross Advanced First Aid Kit

Never take an adventure into the backcountry without packing an appropriate survival first aid kit to treat both common injuries and more serious medical emergencies. Everlit offers one such lightweight option with all essential medical items housed within an easily portable nylon carry bag that attaches directly to MOLLE gear systems.

This kit provides a good variety of quality bandages, precut moleskin patches and gauze pads as well as EMT-style shears and compact metal tweezers – it even comes complete with gloves! Although lacking gloves, tape rolls or CPR face shields this set remains an ideal option for those without professional medical tools.

Tactical Trauma Kit

Designed by professional end-users, this kit is aimed at those who may need to respond to serious medical emergencies. Featuring advanced first aid tools like a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, and various oral airway sizes that could save lives once trained properly to use them, it could save countless lives should an emergency arise.

This kit may be more cumbersome than our top pick, but it still boasts an extensive array of high-quality medical equipment. We particularly like its inclusion of trauma shears and premade splints – not to mention being bright orange in color with DotTac name tape compatibility so it can easily be identified or described quickly and conveniently.

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