Trauma Kits – The Best Trauma Kits

best trauma kits

Trauma kits are essential for outdoor adventurers, as they contain all of the medical supplies you’ll need in case of an emergency. Plus, trauma kits come in various sizes and styles so that everyone can find one that works best for them.

When purchasing a trauma kit, look for quality equipment and supplies. These may include bandages, sterile gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, disinfecting creams or ointments, as well as splints.

2. Emergency Medical Kit (EMK)

An emergency medical kit (EMK) contains a wide array of medications, supplies and devices. In addition to an automatic external defibrillator (AED), EMTs must also include a general first aid kit, bloodborne pathogen spill equipment and oxygen for first aid treatment.

In case of hypoglycemia or syncope, airlines must carry 25 grams of injectable dextrose along with a glucometer and lancets. Dr. Paulo Alves, global medical director for aviation health at MedAire, informed Allergic Living that airlines without these essential items cannot take off until an exemption has been granted.

According to Alves, a quality electronic medical record (EMK) should be updated with an extensive range of medications and medical supplies. Furthermore, it must have a quality standard that specifies replacement of expired medications as well as an ongoing maintenance program for devices.

The Emergency Medical Kit should also include a sphygmomanometer and stethoscope. Without these instruments, you cannot read the sphygmomanometer or listen to heartbeat accurately.

In case of nausea and vomiting, an Emergency Medical Kit should also include antiemetics. This is essential, as motion sickness can be a serious medical condition for passengers with certain allergies.

3. EVERLit GEN-I Trauma Kit

Trauma kits are specially crafted to deal with life-threatening injuries. Generally, they contain fewer but more specialized items than a standard first aid kit, intended to keep patients alive until transport to the hospital. Trauma kits usually address the “ABCs” of medical care: airway, bleeding, and circulation.

The EVERLit GEN-I Trauma Kit is ideal for outdoor adventurers who want to be prepared in case of emergency. Developed by U.S military veterans, this kit ensures you’re well prepared during hunting, camping, travels, disasters and accidents alike – perfect for tactical medics, police officers, military personnel, combat life savers, first responders and outdoor enthusiasts alike!

This trauma kit includes all the essential tools to control bleeding, all in an impressive MOLLE-compatible carry bag. Plus, it comes with a chest seal which is critical for respiratory and hypothermia treatment. Right now on Amazon you can find this incredible deal: the EVERLit GEN-I trauma kit is just $41! Perfect for outdoor adventurers or families who want to be prepared in case of disaster – or for hiking buddies or families wanting peace of mind during hikes!

4. Dyna Med Gunshot Trauma Kit with QuikClot Combat Gauze

The Dyna Med Gunshot Trauma Kit with QuikClot Combat Gauze comes in a convenient pouch and contains all of the essentials to treat traumatic injury. This includes an emergency tourniquet, mini compression bandage, flat duct tape, black nitrile gloves, and quikclot clotting gauze. Plus it contains kaolin – an inorganic mineral which speeds up your body’s natural clotting process five times faster than ordinary gauze does.

This 4.4 oz bag is designed to help you handle the unthinkable. It comes with a durable DryFlex holder that fits neatly into any BDU pocket or glove box and keeps its essential contents ready at any moment’s notice. It makes an ideal addition to any first aid kit, glove box or everyday carry bag and should be part of every emergency medical supply arsenal! You never know when it might save your life or that of others – the best trauma kits utilize advanced hemostatic technology which controls bleeding until professional medical assistance arrives.

5. AMK Pro Trauma Kit

If you need a tactical trauma kit to keep in your bag or on-hand, this one is an ideal option. It has everything needed for controlling bleeding and treating injuries until medical help arrives, including heavy-duty elastic tourniquets and blood-clotting granules.

This kit also comes with an extensive instructional sheet that guides you through the steps to take when dealing with serious bleeding injuries. It’s essential for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors or in the wilderness.

Another excellent feature of this kit is its assortment of bandages, from small adhesive Band-Aids to butterfly bandages for broken bones and sprains. Additionally, it comes with a sterile gauze pad, Neosporin solution, and Quickclot sponge for convenience.

Finally, this trauma kit offers a superb selection of professional-grade instruments such as EMT shears and precision forceps. Its padded interior compartments make storing gear easy, while its lightweight design allows you to carry it around on its own.

This kit is ideal for smaller groups on day hikes or overnight excursions. While not as robust as some of our other reviews, at $20 it provides excellent value and quality at a great price point.

6. North American Rescue

North American Rescue (NAR) has a mission to provide quality medical solutions that enhance survivability in combat zones. Their products are created using Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines, along with insights from experienced combat medics, technology providers and researchers.

No matter if you’re on a mission or just need to stock your vehicle with essential trauma gear, the North American Rescue Kit is essential for any public safety officer. This patrol vehicle trauma kit contains basic first aid and trauma medical items for treating injuries such as chest wounds, burns, eye injuries and minor lacerations.

C-A-T(r) Tourniquet, featuring 100% effectiveness in stopping major bleeding in an emergency situation. Tested and approved by the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research, this device has been proven to be 100% efficient at stopping blood flow in arms and legs during medical emergencies.

The North American Rescue Kit features a compact, vacuum-sealed design that fits easily into molle pouches or tactical pant pockets. Plus, it comes with an impactproof hard case which is crushproof, dustproof and adventure proof.

This North American Rescue Kit provides all the essential tools necessary for treating bleeding from penetrating and other traumatic injuries, such as chest wounds, burns, eye injury, minor lacerations and sprains. You can wear it like a pack, fastened onto your tactical belt or used as a drop-down leg rig.

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