Vacuum Sealing For Preppers

vacuum sealing for preppers

Vacuum sealers are an ideal investment for prepper, as they extend the shelf life of pantry staples like flour and sugar as well as snacks and nuts.

Ozone keeps food fresher for longer by eliminating oxygen that causes spoilage and oxidation – this works for vegetables, meats, liquids as well as pastas, cookies and crackers.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are an invaluable staple of many prepper’s pantry and can be vacuum sealed for long-term storage. As healthy snacks that provide sustenance during an emergency situation, dried fruits provide essential sustenance in an instantaneous emergency situation.

Vacuum sealing preserves food by eliminating air and moisture that allow bacteria to thrive and growing, thus prolonging their shelf life for years. This method also can extend their shelf life when dried foods have already been purchased.

Note, however, that not all vacuum sealers are created equal – some models may be more durable than others and better suited to specific tasks; when looking for sous vide cooking bags or emergency meal rehydrating solutions on the field.

Trail Mix

Trail mix was initially created as a nutritious outdoor activity fuel such as hiking or camping; however, today most of those who consume it opt to stream Beyonce rather than taking to the trails themselves.

Vacuum sealing allows prepper to create their own MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). They can seal snacks and meals individually into portions that can easily be transported over long distances and kept fresh.

Preserving bulk foods like nuts, dried fruit and coffee extends their shelf life significantly – making this an economical and smart investment for households that stockpile supplies in large amounts.

Battery Packs

Batteries are essential components for prepping, so it’s wise to stockpile them. But also take note of rechargeable options with longer cycle lives for optimal results.

Vacuum sealing your emergency battery packs is an excellent way to extend their lifespan and protect them from high temperatures that would shorten it further. It also protects them from extreme environments that could reduce their lifespan further.

Preppers using hand-crank radios should consider vacuum sealing them as well, to increase resistance against EMP (electromagnetic pulse) that could damage or drain their batteries, and maintain dry storage conditions when placed in survival caches. This will also keep them safer from potential threats such as radiation leakage from nearby sources.

Survival Matches

Fire can be essential in an emergency for cooking, heating and signaling for help – keeping survival matches handy is the best way to prepare in case of a crisis.

Regular matchbooks are unsuitable for survival situations as they are susceptible to moisture and don’t remain lit long enough to start a fire. A prepper should consider investing in stormproof matches made with wood that can serve as additional tinder.

These foods can also be vacuum sealed to extend their shelf life.


A vacuum sealer can significantly extend the shelf life of dry foods such as grains, coffee and spices, helping preppers save money by purchasing bulk amounts at once and preserving it for later consumption.

Some foods, like raw mushrooms and whole apples, might decay faster when sealed so it’s best to cook or dehydrate them beforehand. But most other food can be safely vacuum sealed; prepper can even vacuum seal clothing for their bug out bags, baby wipes, ammo and guns to keep moisture at bay – just use heat-sealing bags rather than regular plastic ones which could puncture and ruin them!

Survival Batteries

Emergency situations often necessitate battery-powered devices like radios and flashlights being available quickly. Vacuum sealing these items helps them take up less room in storage containers.

Preppers typically stockpile batteries to protect themselves in case of emergencies, but an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) could drain or destroy electronic devices that weren’t built to withstand an unexpected power surge.

Preppers can utilize vacuum sealing technology to safeguard batteries from EMP blasts. Furthermore, their vacuum sealer can protect jump drives, USBs and cords from moisture damage caused by moisture exposure.

Survival Clothes

Vacuum sealers are essential tools for anyone engaging in serious prepping. In particular, they’re indispensable to those aiming to build up a survival pantry; additionally they help store powdery foods, herbs, spices and valuables from corrosion or moisture damage.

Many people use vacuum sealers to pack clothes into their bug out bag, using special bags for hanging clothing in closets and drawers as well. Furthermore, ammo and weapons can also be stored this way to add to survival caches.

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