Weapons For Preppers

No matter if you’re a prepper or just an average guy, having a gun on hand is never a bad idea. Armed with firearms, you have protection in case any unexpected emergencies arise.

The most prepared individuals understand this and carry a variety of weapons tailored for different scenarios. Some opt for weapons primarily used for hunting while another serves as secondary protection in case of self-defense needs.

.22 Rimfire Rifle

The.22 Rimfire Rifle is a popular choice among preppers due to its versatility and low cost. This caliber can also be utilized for small game hunting, target shooting, and training exercises.

The rifle has a long-standing tradition in the United States, being used by shooters at all levels of competition – even during Biathlon events at the Olympic Winter Games. Rimfire rounds are affordable and feature little recoil, making them ideal training rounds.

Rimfire bullets differ from centerfire cartridges in that they don’t need primers to fire. Instead, the firing pin strikes a rimfire bullet casing, bursting it open and releasing all of its powdery content. This causes the casing to rupture and the projectile bursts forth with great energy.

Rimfire ammunition has the capacity to hit targets quickly and accurately at distances up to 100 yards away, while also being relatively quiet when fired – an advantage in survival situations where sound may be an issue.


Knives are essential tools in any survival kit. They can open bags of emergency food, cut materials to build shelter and shield you and your family in case of a crisis. Knives play an integral role in any preparedness plan.

When selecting a survival knife, blade size, grind and material used are important factors to consider. Generally speaking, select an edged knife with a straight back for greater precision when applying force or using it as weapon.

Many who practice survival in the woods prefer a small to medium sized knife that’s easy to transport and handle. On the other hand, those who spend more time in the jungle might require a larger blade for larger tasks.

Survival knives typically measure 7 to 18 centimeters in length and can be used for smaller tasks like cutting wood or sorting kindling.


Kubatons are a special self-defense weapon created by Soke Takayuki Kubota of Gosoku-Ryu Karate. Not only are they easy to use and hold in several ways, but their variety of striking options also allows you to choose which option best suits your strike.

They’re an invaluable asset to have when out and about and need extra protection against potential attackers. You can use them to apply pressure to sensitive areas of an assailant’s body or gain leverage over their wrist, fingers and joints.

Kubatons can be effectively used to incapacitate an assailant and buy you time to seek assistance or flee. They may also be employed as non-lethal self-defense weapons.

Kubatons are both easily accessible and highly durable, making them an ideal choice for preppers who don’t need to carry a firearm or can of pepper spray with them.


Spearheads have been used by humans since ancient times, from Neanderthals to Vikings. Their accuracy and long range capabilities make them invaluable weapons in battle.

Although not as fast as a knife, the spear can still be effective when taking down an attacker who is close by. A spear also makes for good hunting equipment since it can be thrown long distances and still cause damage.

To create your own spear, begin by choosing a straight green sapling about two to three inches higher than you stand. Ideally, choose an area of the tree that is both hardy and durable.

Next, sharpen the point of your spear with a knife or other sharp object. It is also beneficial to have two wooden pegs on hand for secure holding when sharpening.

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