What to Include in a Zombie Survival Kit List

zombie survival kit list

As your first priority in any zombie survival scenario, stockpiling weapons and tools – such as baseball bats, machetes and knives – should be top priority. Also include in this first aid kit bandages tape and ibuprofen for emergencies.

An essential item in any zombie survival kit should be a tactical field ops watch with both timekeeping and compass functionality, bivvi bags, camping food and bivvi caps – these should all form part of your arsenal of necessities.

Weapons and Tools

Your zombie survival kit should include weapons and tools to help fight off and survive against zombies, with weapons such as guns being particularly important in this regard. While guns may be effective at killing them, their noise can attract unwanted attention from survivors or the undead alike.

Baseball bats, slingshots and tactical tomahawks will produce less noise while being equally effective against undead threats. You could also consider using grenade launchers – attachments for assault rifles which fire explosive grenades – which provide additional options.

An essential item for any zombie survival kit should be a high-quality survival knife or multi-tool, such as one from Swiss Army Knives or multi-tools; consider selecting lightweight yet resilient blades for best results. Additional essential supplies include survival knife holsters, Swiss army knives, signal flares, flashlights, headlamps, carabiners and tents/tube shelters with canteens/mess kits/water purification tablets as necessary.

First Aid Kit

First aid kits are an indispensable addition to any zombie survival kit. From basic supplies such as bandages and adhesive tape, to more comprehensive kits containing items such as ibuprofen, alcohol prep pads, wet nappies and triple antibiotic ointment – there’s sure to be something useful here for every situation.

Reusable containers and storage bins are essential to organizing supplies efficiently. In addition, you’ll require means of purifying water as well as food rations and tools for hunting or foraging.

Kits designed specifically to respond to disasters or specific environments are readily available, such as rain ponchos or solar blankets. One such kit, created by Ready America for fans of The Walking Dead but following Red Cross guidelines, has enough food and water for 72 hours, laboratory equipment (microscope, pipettes and bottle beakers), laboratory supplies for studying disease cures as well as enough supplies (mirror, pipettes and bottle beakers). Although the price tag comes in at $24k you should also consider other solutions before making up your mind about investing.

Clothing and Gear

An effective zombie survival kit must include protective clothing to shield you against zombie bites, polluted air or other potential dangers. Furthermore, clothing should keep you warm or cool depending on the climate in which you reside.

Boots that can withstand various terrains and have good traction for wet or dry ground are essential. A hat will protect from sun or rain as well as block zombie eyes.

Your survival supplies should include a survival knife, multi-tool, flint and steel or fire starter sticks; compass/map to aid navigation; flashlight/watch to keep track of time; as well as some comfort food such as candy bars/energy drinks for morale boost during difficult times; plus an Geiger counter/radiation meter which could come in handy during an nuclear war or zombie apocalypse scenario.

Light and Fire Sources

Scavenging food after the zombie apocalypse may not be enjoyable, but it’s essential. Reusable containers and sturdy food utensils will make all the difference between being satisfied or starving to death.

Humans require both food and water for survival; having access to both will come in handy should an emergency situation arise. Water purification tablets will come in handy as emergency supply.

If you plan on scavenging for food in a zombie outbreak scenario, the Columbia Water-resistant-breathable jacket provides ideal protection from the elements. Featuring windproof and water-resistant outer shell and thermal reflective fleece lining for ultimate insulation against cold or extreme heat.

Hygiene is of the utmost importance in any survival scenario, but especially important when there are rotting corpses and potential bite attacks lingering nearby. Make sure your kit includes hygiene cleansing products like this Sea To Summit pocket body wash which uses minimal water, lasts longer than other soaps, and doesn’t contaminate drinking water sources.

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