Best Survival Food Kits 2022

Survival food kits offered by companies offer a convenient way of stockpiling freeze-dried meals with long shelf lives at reasonable prices and are easy to store away.

Consider your family’s preferences when selecting the survival food to purchase. Each company offers various products for you to select.

1. Patriot Pantry 1-Week Food Supply Crate

The Patriot Pantry food supply kit features 42 servings of survival meals that provide more than 1,500 daily calories, as well as emergency supplies like survival whistles, bandage kits, flashlights and dust masks – making this an excellent option for anyone seeking extra backup during power outages or natural disasters.

Survival food companies like this one provide meals that taste similar to what would be found at a diner, which means they offer much more than bland freeze-dried mush. Their kits provide tasty meals like biscuits and gravy, mashed potatoes, macaroni cheese, cream of chicken soup and hearty vegetable and meat rice that cover every possible need.

This survival food company provides all of the shelf-stable, freeze-dried ingredients you’ll need to create meals in an emergency situation, making it perfect for experienced chefs who know their way around a kitchen. They even offer Essential Omlet kits containing everything needed to craft delicious omelettes!

2. Augason Farms 92-Serving Survival Food Kit

Augason Farms Survival Food Kit may be smaller than others on our list, but it still provides enough calories each day. With freeze-dried meals like maple brown sugar oatmeal, cheesy broccoli rice and chicken noodle soup among others sealed in pouches with oxygen absorbers designed for long-term storage, this survival food kit should meet daily energy requirements during an emergency situation. When selecting this option it is important to read all storage instructions as these vary by product.

NuManna stands out from other survival food brands by emphasizing healthy food preparation, using organic grains, heirloom seeds and non-GMO products in its meal kits. NuManna food kits boast long shelf lives while still containing plenty of nutrients for optimal taste – think spaghetti pasta Alfredo or broccoli soups that taste delicious. Plus there’s even gluten-free versions. All available on Amazon.

3. ReadyWise 124-Serving Ready-to-Eat Meal Kit

Utah-based company Emergency Food Solutions provides affordable and easy-to-prep emergency food kits. Each survival food kit contains high-quality ingredients like brown rice and beans for protein rich slow-acting carbohydrates.

Food prep meals come packaged in long-lasting pouches that are resealable, making it easy to store them for years in your pantry. In addition, the company sells other prepping-related products such as water filtration devices and backpacks that make life simpler for prepper.

ReadyWise’s 124-Serving Ready-to-Eat Meal Kit is an ideal starter kit for those in search of survival food supplies. Offering an assortment of different meal types such as granola, pasta alfredo and vanilla pudding. Packaged in white easy-open pouches featuring nutrition information, ingredients and instructions as well as being resealable and storeable up to 25 years – not only that, these calories-rich meals offer excellent energy during an emergency situation!

4. Mountain House 14-Day Supply Kit

No matter if you’re preparing for an emergency or just wanting to ensure there’s enough food should disaster strike unexpectedly, this Mountain House survival food kit is an ideal way to ensure you’re covered. Packed full of delicious freeze-dried meals you can consume with just room temperature water, this Mountain House kit boasts one of the longest shelf lives among survival food kits on this list.

This survival food kit provides enough breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees for one person for two weeks – with each pouch providing two 1-cup servings and providing 1,719 daily calories.

This kit includes freeze-dried meals and granola bars to provide you with a balanced selection to keep you fueled throughout the day. In addition, an instruction card is included that provides detailed guidance for how to prepare each of the included meals. Plus, its compactness makes this survival food kit lightweight with over three decades of shelf life!


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