Preppers in Ohio

By Bob Jones Jun4,2023

Prepping is more than building bunkers. It means living sustainably and developing survival skills that could save your life should SHTF occur.

Many preppers filter through the hype of shows like Doomsday Preppers to locate communities that provide both safety and opportunity. Southeastern Ohio can provide such a community, offering affordable land prices, quality hunting land and agricultural acres, low crime rates, as well as favorable environmental factors like air quality.


Prepping is about anticipating disaster and being ready for it in case it hits. Your emergency supplies should include enough food and water for at least a year as well as your bug-out bag to evacuate in case things turn bad quickly. Don’t leave your survival to chance; that is why prepping exists.

Barry Ames is an avid prepper, and while it remains unknown what will transpire, he doesn’t want his family’s safety left to chance. Ames has stockpiled enough non-perishable food and water supplies for an entire year’s supply, as well as trying to acquire land in Meigs County where he could shelter if necessary.

Although most preppers choose not to publicly announce their survival retreats (for OPSEC reasons), you may find them among local groups who share similar views on life. Before purchasing property for your survival retreat, make sure that you visit it first so as to familiarise yourself with its location and neighborhood.


Preppers are prepared for anything – nuclear attacks, financial collapse and the end of civilization as we know it – whether that means being ready for nuclear bombs, financial collapse or simply the end of days as they know them. Preppers come from every walk of life: moms, dads, lawyers and doctors among them.

Some prepper go as far as to build bunkers or old school buses as shelters; others, like Buescher, stockpile food, water and medical supplies in an effort to remain prepared in an emergency situation. He showed WOIO an old can of dried beef stroganoff that will last him one year as well as bottles with stored tap water that has been purified using an onboard water purifier and first aid kit.

Preppers often come under scrutiny for being too paranoid, yet they maintain they’re no different from people preparing for snow days or natural disasters. Preppers also often distance themselves from doomsday preppers depicted on TV shows who eagerly anticipate when most of humanity has died out; rather they focus on self-reliance and common sense instead. All rights are reserved by WOIO and may not be 100% accurate due to being collected from multiple weather stations across Ohio. The data shown on this site comes from historical observations at multiple locations throughout Ohio which may not always provide completely accurate weather observations at every location throughout Ohio – for this site all rights are reserved by WOIO and all rights are reserved by WOIO for its accuracy or accuracy may not always accurately reflect present weather observations across Ohio which may not always accurately represent present conditions in real time and may change due to various locations across Ohio weather networks and localized weather station observations from weather stations across Ohio that may differ significantly than what occurs here in real-time due to limited observations being collected over time from many locations within Ohio which may differ slightly than what might occur here due to variations between observed observations made possible via the various weather stations across Ohio in terms of accuracy of weather data presented herein presented on this site and may not exactly reflect real time data presented herein given on this site in terms of accuracy of accurate to fully reflect accurate. WOIO. All rights are reserved by Ohio weather data displayed. All weather observations. All data available. WOIO. All rights are reserved by this website’s Weather data presented based upon historical weather observation at various Ohio. All weather data. All weather station and any given herein as presented at various Ohio weather observations used at certain Ohio. WOIO. All v.

Crime Rates

Ohio stands out among states by having a low crime rate. Between 2014 and 2019, its crime rate decreased dramatically, making Ohio an excellent choice for prepper’s survival needs. However, city crime rates may differ considerably from rural ones in Ohio.

Preppers must exercise caution when reviewing a state’s crime rate map, as red areas often indicate high-crime areas that do not actually contain any residents nearby. Parks and recreation centers that attract many visitors during the day could easily appear as high-crime zones on these maps.

Buescher has prepared his farm with two-liter bottles of water, military Meals Ready-To-Eat, and freeze dried food that could last years. In case of economic collapse he has also stockpiled cash. Friends often make fun of him for this, but he wants to be prepared when the lights go out.


Preppers spend approximately $11 billion each year on items for preparedness, such as food, water and medical supplies – essential in case of social collapse or natural disaster. While preppers once faced stigmatization for their efforts to self-reliance in preparation for global catastrophe.

No matter your prepping inclinations, states and regions with gun laws which violate the Constitution as well as anti-gun restrictions should be avoided. Instead, consider locations which provide excellent hunting, fishing and farming opportunities with high OPSEC attributes.

Ohio’s southeast region offers many of the ideal living conditions for prepper living, from its affordable land prices and abundant hunting, farming, timbering and timber harvesting opportunities to low crime rates in rural areas and long growing seasons. Furthermore, numerous private and public prepper networking groups exist here.


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