Southern Survival Jerry Cans

Jerry and Lydia DeClercq opened Della J’s Delectables five years ago in Springfield’s Backlick Road strip mall serving comfort foods inspired by Jerry’s mother’s recipes, but plan to relocate it soon to Richmond Highway to give their restaurant a “more upscale” vibe, according to Jerry.

1. Easy to carry

The five gallon metal jerry can is an iconic NATO European military-spec container used for fuel, gas, water and other liquid storage needs. People across the world rely on these rugged containers for transporting liquids safely.

Aisha of Bani Shaibah village, Taiz governorate Yemen relies on Aisha for washing clothes in a stream near their home and fetching water from wells half an hour away – as does BattlBox crew who put outdoor and survival products through rigorous tests as part of Southern Survival series.

2. Water storage

Made to European military specifications, the five gallon metal jerry can is an extremely durable and preferred way of storing non-potable water. Today it’s used across the world as part of everyday equipment to store liquids including water, fuel and other fluids.

Survival water filters jerry cans are essential components of emergency preparedness, camping and four-wheel driving. They allow instantaneous access to safe drinking water without bacteria contamination – giving you, your family or the community instant access to access clean drinking water sources.

This solution has proven itself in both rural and urban settings, from communities in Madagascar to meeting USA Centre for Disease Control and Prevention standards for eliminating Giardia and Cryptosporidium contamination. Furthermore, its reusable nature lowers personal as well as environmental costs when compared with bottled water supplies.

3. Fuel storage

GELG Jerry Cans are European-made metal cans that meet NATO durability standards, making them suitable for use by the military since World War II to store fuel, gas and other liquids. Metal is stronger than plastic versions so can help withstand punctures or impacts more easily.

Your cans may already be sealed tightly, but to extend its shelf life further you could add a stabilizer. With proper storage using quality seals and stabilizers gasoline can last for over ten years!

Daniel Dabbs, CEO of BattlBox and “resident redneck survivalist” on Netflix’s new show Southern Survival, advises keeping a can of gas stashed in your vehicle as well as purchasing from BattleBox the ResQme tool which serves both functions in one keychain-sized package – it can cut seatbelts while breaking glass windows! – along with additional survival items.

4. Food storage

As part of a survival scenario, your goal should be to achieve self-sufficiency at your bug out location. This includes growing and raising food yourself as well as raising livestock to produce milk or eggs that you can sell or hunt with traps for hunting or trapping wild game. As this may take some time to accomplish itself, prepare by stockpiling food.

An effective food storage room in your basement is key to making this possible, according to Daniel Dabbs and Brandon Currin from BattlBox (stars of Netflix series Southern Survival). They share tips to make this happen for your family.

These tips include using a Jerry Can Holder to protect your can, as well as displaying it in your basement or garage, with a Jerry Can Rack to store them, and how to use a Water Pump in an emergency situation to dispense stored water from storage tanks.

5. Water purification

Southern Survival is an entertaining television show in which a group of friends put various outdoor gear through its paces, making the program truly entertaining to watch. Each episode presents unique scenarios which the crew can navigate by choosing equipment tailored to its surroundings.

Metal jerry cans are widely used across the world for storage and transport of fuel, gas and water – including camping trips, 4-wheel driving adventures and disaster preparation tools. When combined with Sure Aqua’s Survival Jerry Can Water Filter they become an efficient means of storing and transporting bacteria-free drinking water for camping trips, 4-wheel driving adventures or disaster preparation needs. Ultrafiltration membrane technology used by this filter reduces contaminants to 0.01 microns effectively eliminating Giardia and Cryptosporidium bacteria growth for your safety!


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