Best Survival Web Series

The best survival web series aren’t just entertaining; they give viewers a rare glimpse into what life in the wilderness is like. These shows feature strangers navigating their way through nature and competing against one another to stay alive.

Some of these stories are based on real-life experiences, while others are fictional dramas that depict the harsh realities of survival in the wild. Plus, many offer excellent prepping advice!

1. Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls has become a pioneer of survival TV, taking celebrities on incredible journeys and teaching them how to stay alive even in extreme conditions. His series Running Wild with Bear Grylls is an essential staple on Discovery Channel and one of its most beloved programs.

His latest show, You vs Wild with Bear Grylls, is an interactive mini-series that puts viewers in control of what happens next. They can choose what food to eat, where to go, and even which water supply to tap!

2. Dropped Off

If you enjoy watching people stranded in an unknown wilderness and having to make it on their own, then this survival web series is for you. It follows modern-day men as they are thrust into the wild with nothing but their clothes, some tools for survival, and the will to live.

This series is similar to other reality shows that focus on lone survival, such as Bear Grylls’ Man vs Wild and Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid.

3. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a comic book-based survival drama that follows Sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes after he awakens from a coma in a postapocalyptic world where walkers have taken over. Along with other survivors, Rick must fight for his life to protect his family and friends.

The series has several issues, but one of the biggest is that its zombies have become little more than set dressing for larger conflicts. While they remain gruesome and look great when they appear, their impact on the story is often minimal.

4. The Apocalypse Survivalists

Martin McCann, a lone survivor living in an isolated wilderness, struggles daily. However, the beauty of the barren landscape draws him in.

Stephen Fingleton’s The Apocalypse Survivalists is an unlikable post-apocalyptic drama that shares similarities to Z for Zachariah and The Road. It also stands as one of the rare apocalyptic films that builds tension gradually instead of overwhelming viewers with violence.

5. The Survivalist

In a post-apocalyptic future, a hermit living in a forest works a small farm. He’s not alone though; Kathryn (Olwen Fouere) and Milja (Mia Goth) come to him for food and shelter.

The Survivalist offers an intriguing take on the survival genre, but it lacks variety. Bright visuals and clever mechanics cannot disguise its lack of depth or lackluster sense of fun.

6. The Last Stand

A zombie apocalypse is the ideal setting for roguelike games, as desperate survivors must constantly search for supplies, battle against endless waves of enemies at every turn, and risk familiar landmarks becoming deadly deathtraps.

Aftermath capitalizes on these elements, merging a roguelike gameplay loop with an innovative virus mechanic that consumes segments of its volunteer’s health bar until they become corrupted. As such, infection creates fun perks like camouflaging smells and suddenly-musclebound arms which can crush zombies and slow their movement speed.

Its unique concept keeps each run exciting, while the constant quest to find new equipment or unlock better upgrades keeps things exciting too. While the presentation could use some improvement, this roguelike deserves your consideration if you enjoy an engaging roguelike.

7. The Wild

The Wild is a web series that challenges you to make decisions that help Bear Grylls survive, thrive and complete missions in extreme environments around the world. Your decisions – from hunting to gathering – play an integral role in each episode’s outcome.

Experience the test of will in a survival situation while feeling like you’re making decisions that will determine your mission’s success or failure. It’s an immersive and fun journey!

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