Survival Food Company Reviews

survival food company reviews

Are You Prepping for Emergencies or Disaster? There are various companies that offer high-quality survival food kits; read up on each and select which will best meet your needs.

Survival foods tend to be packed with extra calories and proteins for those needing energy during emergency situations. This makes survival foods an effective source of additional sustenance.


Nitro-Pak was established in 1985, and has become one of the leading mail order suppliers specializing in emergency preparedness supplies. Their corporate headquarters in Heber City, Utah feature 44,000 square feet of showrooms and offices as well as an innovative fulfillment center that provide them with unprecedented service to customers worldwide.

Long Term Food Storage provides long-term food storage products and survival equipment designed to meet all your prepping needs, with strong dedication towards giving back to their community. Salt Lake Magazine, Fortune Magazine and several others have featured them, and they always gladly donate to Utah Food Bank as their favorite charity.

Their best-selling item is Power Pak Nitro, a powdered drink mix designed to improve lung and cardiovascular health by increasing nitric acid production for improved muscle oxygenation. They offer many other items designed to prepare you for disaster, from cooking stoves and emergency radios to the latest technological innovations – and all orders over $149 qualify for free shipping! Plus they guarantee it all with 110% price protection and free delivery!

The Ready Store

The Ready Store is a survival food company that takes great pride in selling high-quality products at reasonable prices, such as emergency preparedness kits and supplies, with an extended price match guarantee for up to 10 days after you make a purchase.

The company also provides a subscription service that makes staying prepared easy while remaining within your budget. Products can be added to a list, with automatic deliveries taking place based on budget and shipping frequency settings. This makes keeping track of prepping easy.

Survival food is one of the company’s primary product categories, offering freeze-dried meals and supplements in addition to selling water purification systems, cooking tools, and first aid kits. However, they also sell a selection of other survival-related items including purification systems and first aid kits.

Food Insurance

Food and beverage businesses owe their reputation to the safety of their products, so it is crucial that they prepare for accidents or events which could impact operations at their restaurant.

One effective strategy to do so is with a food liability policy, which can shield you against lawsuits and other unplanned incidents that threaten to hamper daily business operations.

Food liability insurance costs vary significantly based on your products and location of business. An established restaurant with a large customer base faces different risks than an unknown food truck operating out of a parking lot.

This company offers a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP), covering general liability, commercial property and income coverage as well as additional options such as liquor liability insurance, food contamination protection and commercial auto.

Augason Farms

Augason Farms is a family-owned business that offers emergency food and survival gear made with nutritious ingredients of superior quality.

Products by this company can be found at retail outlets like Walmart, Associated Foods, WinCo and Sam’s Club, with emergency kits ranging from 72-hour supplies up to 1-year supplies available for sale.

Augason Farms not only offers food, but they also sell cooking tools and survival gear. Their daily caloric intake ranges between 1,200-2,140, while daily protein levels reach 47 g.

Products of this company are readily available at reputable retailers and can also be ordered online, with free samples and discounted products regularly provided as incentives. Returns within 30 days are accepted.

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