The Best Canned Water Options

Hydration options abound. Bottled water has become an industry in itself, offering health benefits while promising increased energy levels.

Plastic water bottles take decades to degrade, and recycling them rarely yields cost-effective results. Canned water may offer more sustainable choices with 30 year shelf lives or greater.

1. Liquid Death

Liquid Death’s name and skull-covered logo conjure images of tattoo parlors or unofficial road races; its canned water offers the ideal environment for people looking to rehydrate in ways that suit their lifestyles.

Netflix creative director Mike Cessario founded this company and it quickly rose in popularity for its distinctive marketing and eco-friendly packaging. Their canned water comes from Austrian Alps sources and comes packaged in tallboy aluminum cans that look like energy drinks or craft beer bottles.

Liquid Death wasn’t the first brand to put still water in a can or make sustainability its core message, but its punchy slogan and unapologetically punk aesthetic have helped revolutionize the bottled water industry. Other brands that have since launched since Liquid Death have followed suit and made this movement to ditch plastic bottles for cans of natural water even more widespread than before.

At they specialize in offering various flavors such as Severed Lime and Berry It Alive as well as plain, lightly sweetened water as well as alkaline versions with added minerals. All their cans are 100% recyclable while they also donate part of their profits towards conservation efforts.

Liquid Death offers environmentally-friendly canned water that’s refreshing as well. Their packaging utilizes recycled aluminum from aluminum cans and their water is sourced from the Alps with more electrolytes than competitive offerings.

Liquid Death products may seem expensive, but you get what you pay for when purchasing Liquid Death’s canned water products. With its loyal fan base and affordable pricing structure, this company stands the test of time.

Liquid Death’s water tastes delicious and is perfect for many of its customers’ lifestyles, from skateboarding and rock concerts to being the preferred water at many Live Nation venues nationwide.

2. Alkaline 88

Hydrate in style with this beverage that boasts natural minerals and electrolytes plus Himalayan pink salt to maintain an ideal pH level of 8.8 for superior hydration! With no preservatives and a simple ingredients list, this bottle water can easily be found at independent health food stores, grocery stores, convenience and drug stores.

Backers of alkaline water assert that regular drinking creates too much acidity in the body and leads to diseases from arthritis to osteoporosis. But evidence is scant in support of such claims; “they’re simply marketing gimmicks designed to sell a product,” notes registered dietitian Beth Czerwony, RD. Alkaline water uses regular tap water that’s been treated using an ionization process before charging an exorbitant premium price, preying upon people’s desire to believe something that’s actually more valuable.

Experts do cite real benefits associated with alkaline drinking. One study demonstrated how natural artesian alkaline water with a pH level of 8.8 inactivated pepsin, an enzyme responsible for heartburn and reflux symptoms instantly. Another research project suggested alkaline water could also help prevent bone loss by decreasing bone resorption – the process by which old bones break down to make way for new ones.

Shaquille O’Neil endorses Alkaline 88’s innovative combination of alkaline water hydrating effects with performance-enhancing electrolytes for their new sport drink, Alkaline 88. This provides a calorie-free option to fuel exercise without straining diets.

3. LifeStraw

When backpacking, camping or hiking it’s always wise to bring along extra water, just in case the source you initially planned on drinking from is unsafe. The LifeStraw bottle is perfect for this task as its advanced filtration technology eliminates more than 99.9% of bacteria, protozoa, microplastics and BPA chemicals while remaining chemical free and BPA free!

LifeStraw Go is one of the best-known portable water filters on the market. It is user-friendly, without needing electricity or batteries for operation; simply fill your bottle, stick the LifeStraw in, and drink from its straw like mouthpiece! Plus its bottle makes cleaning it a snap; lightweight enough to fit easily in backpacking packs side pockets or attach directly to hydration vests with its removable lanyard!

Notably, it should be noted that the LifeStraw won’t filter out viruses common in developing nations where water contamination is widespread. While this should not pose much of a problem in North America, in a crisis situation it could prove critical – for maximum virus removal consider investing in more robust filters like MSR Guardian instead.

One great aspect of this product is that for each bottle sold, one will be donated to someone in need. This gives back to your community while helping other enjoy clean drinking water around the globe – it makes a real difference in people’s lives! Who wouldn’t appreciate something so wonderful!?

One disadvantage of this product is finding replacement filters – as they’re less readily available than standard water bottles and they can be costly. Still, this investment would be worthwhile for outdoor enthusiasts or campers wishing to be prepared in case of emergencies; casual campers might prefer other solutions more suited to them.

4. AquaPodKit

If natural or man-made disasters disrupt access to clean drinking water, having emergency canned water supplies on hand could make all the difference. Reputable vendors offer emergency canned water options which promise fresh drinking water for up to 25 years – something which cannot be guaranteed otherwise.

Aqua Pod Kit, Made in America 65 Gallon Emergency Drinking Water Storage Solution.

AquaPodKit’s emergency water storage system enables you to use your bathtub as an easy and safe source of drinking water in times of disaster, when hurricanes, storms, floods or other natural catastrophes threaten normal sources. Equipped with a food grade liner designed specifically to store bathtub water before siphoning it off into large jerry cans for quick distribution during an emergency situation.

This liner is manufactured in the US using 4 mil food-grade linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) plastic that meets USDA and FDA guidelines and does not contain PVCs or BPA. Furthermore, it comes complete with illustrated instructions as well as a siphon pump so you can quickly extract water when required.


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