Trauma Kits Are the Best First Aid Kits for Serious Injuries

best trauma kits

Contrasting with first aid kits, which typically deal with minor scrapes and sprains, trauma kits address serious, life-threatening injuries. Many include airway adjuncts that will ensure patients can access professional help until medical assistance can be secured.

Our testers evaluated various pre-made portable trauma kits, from comprehensive sets to ultra-minimalist ones. Here are their top choices.

1. EVERLIT Emergency Trauma Kit

Trauma kits differ from first aid kits in that they’re designed to treat more serious injuries like gunshot wounds or broken bones, making them suitable for survivalists, hunters, campers, military personnel, police officers, EMTs and outdoor enthusiasts. They contain an array of medical supplies, such as tourniquets and pressure dressings to stop massive bleeding and circulatory issues, along with bone splints for treating bone fractures. Furthermore, this kit boasts an impressive number of pieces for such a compact package. It features labeled pockets and laminate packaging designed to keep items dry; MOLLE carry bags are easy to attach to a backpack for transport; all basic trauma supplies such as an EMT-certified wound clotting gauze pad are included, in addition to tweezers, safety pins, scissors, antiseptic wipes and gloves – plus more advanced items like chest seals!

This veteran-owned company offers several trauma kits, and this one stands out for its compact size and great value. Measuring less than half the size of other kits on the market, yet packing all essential tools needed by prepper or survivalists, its comfortable padded pouch makes carrying it effortless while its various small pockets hold additional first aid items such as the C-A-T tourniquet (can be used by anyone to control massive bleeding), pressure dressings and 36″ splint roll (triangle bandage and elastic sling for treating bone fractures).

This device also contains a thermal blanket to combat hypothermia. Unfortunately, however, its sole shortcoming is that it lacks a decompression needle; EMTs and paramedics should only use decompression needles with proper training to use safely.

If you’re planning on long-term survival in a remote location, this trauma kit is your go-to. Packed in an extremely durable pouch with zippers that open easily even while wearing gloves and featuring a belt loop to easily strap onto hip or backpack straps – everything needed for long-term survival is included here!

2. AMK Pro Trauma Kit

The AMK Pro Trauma Kit puts professional supplies into civilian hands, empowering users to respond immediately to life-threatening injuries as they arise. Designed for use with tactical modular bags, this trauma bag includes basic tools necessary to control bleeding until medical professionals arrive. Key among them is Adventure Medical Kit’s QuikClot hemostatic gauze which stimulates your body’s natural clotting process with zeolite for rapid stoppage of bleeding within minutes – alongside emergency essentials like Nitrile gloves for personal protection and EMT trauma shears which cut through clothing tape etc.

As with other AMK products, this one is thoughtfully constructed using high-quality name-brand supplies. We particularly like its ring-binder design that keeps its contents organized and easy to find even during an emergency – something other kits with only one compartment don’t do as effectively. Even its outer case demonstrates this attention to detail – its durable fabric construction offers resistance against abrasion while standing up well under rugged conditions.

The AMK Pro Trauma Kit is lighter than many of the trauma kits we reviewed, though still weighs enough to add significant bulk to your backpack. It includes an in-depth first aid guide to teach you how to treat wounds and injuries as well as standard items found in first aid kits – like its SWAT-T tourniquet that anyone without medical training can use to stop extremity bleeding.

This kit was designed to work in tandem with tactical modular bags, but is equally applicable on hiking or camping trips where you may be out for days away from civilization. It contains everything needed to survive until more advanced medical care can be provided – including a compression trauma bandage consisting of pressure pad and gauze that helps stabilize wounds while slowing bleeding until natural stops or can be controlled using the included Velcro tourniquet. Also included in this trauma bag are gloves as well as over-the-counter medications.

3. North American Rescue Trauma Kit

Designed by veteran combat medics, this fully stocked trauma kit can handle whatever life throws its way. Packed into a nylon carry bag with MOLLE attachment points for easy access, this survival first aid kit includes all of the equipment necessary for treating injuries in any circumstance, plus it includes a military-style combat tourniquet capable of stopping severe bleeding on-site.

This trauma kit is one of the most comprehensive we have reviewed, providing medical supplies and emergency equipment needed to treat serious injuries. It includes top-of-the-line name-brand items like pressure bandages, saline irrigation tubes and medical-grade thermometers as well as an ultralight ankle holster to allow law enforcement officers to carry it without bulking up their duty belts further.

One disadvantage of this kit is that its correct use requires extensive medical knowledge; thus it’s not suitable for beginners. However, it does include advanced equipment like a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff which should only be utilized by trained emergency medical professionals.

If you need a tactical trauma kit that’s suitable for use by both medically and non-medically trained personnel, the North American Rescue range trauma kit is an excellent choice. Packaged in an easily identifiable bright orange case, its contents include all supplies required to treat penetrating wounds, chest injuries and other workplace traumas as well as injuries commonly seen on training and shooting ranges such as minor lacerations, sprains or fractures. Furthermore, its competitively priced design makes this North American Rescue trauma kit an outstanding value proposition – budget buyers won’t find a better value anywhere else! Its affordability makes this North American Rescue range trauma kit an outstanding value proposition!

4. Lightning X Stocked EMS/EMT Trauma and Bleeding Medical Backpack

The Lightning X Stocked EMS/EMT Trauma and Bleeding Medical Backpack was specifically created with tactical medics in mind. Tactical medics are emergency medical responders that may work within law enforcement entities or military operating teams such as SWAT squads. The backpack is compact but provides all of the supplies a tactical medic requires in order to quickly transport an injured patient back to base or further care, including hydration bladders for responding responders during standbys.

This fully stocked trauma bag closely resembles those found on ambulances and makes an ideal option for volunteer EMTs and first responders who require professional level equipment but do not wish to carry around a large bag. Furthermore, its compact size makes it great for independent contractors such as movie set medics who need their own trauma response bag on site, camping enthusiasts or hikers who wish to be prepared in case an injury should arise, or those planning a hiking or camping adventure who wish to be ready in case something serious occurs while away.

This first aid kit stands out from others by featuring QuikClot blood-stopping gauze and roll splint, designed specifically to fit MOLLE systems, along with an emergency trauma care guide. Additionally, its compact size makes it easy to store away in closets or take on outdoor adventures with you.

EMTs and Paramedics may find themselves needing to treat injuries outside their professional responsibilities, either themselves or friends and family members. Being prepared with an adequately stocked trauma kit quickly could make the difference between life and death for an injured individual. A quality trauma kit should include essential items for treating chest wounds, head injuries and other common traumas, with enough space left over for airway emergencies such as stethoscope and oxygen tank usage; additionally it should contain specialized tourniquets/splints for treating severe bleeding situations.

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