The Best Survival Food Companies

Long-term food storage can be an invaluable asset for any survivalist. Not only will you reduce costs but you will be ensured healthy, nutritious meals in case of an emergency situation.

This guide highlights the top survival food companies to consider when building up your food supply. These companies will enable you to access high nutrient foods at an affordable cost.

1. Augason Farms

Augason Farms of Utah has been producing quality survival food products for more than half a century. Their products can be found at numerous retail locations such as Walmart, Associated Foods, WinCo, Sam’s Club and Costco.

At food storage giant Amazon, they provide long-term food kits and emergency evacuation buckets at unbeatably affordable prices, along with meal extenders that help maximize food storage space even further.

Their foods are designed with long-term storage in mind, lasting a minimum of 25 years in some instances. To preserve freshness and ensure maximum shelf life, items should be stored between 55degF and 70degF in cool, dark places.

2. Mountain House

Mountain House is an esteemed brand of freeze dried foods designed for camping, backpacking and emergency preparedness. Their meals taste delicious while remaining fresh for extended periods and boast impressive shelf lives.

They provide various sizes such as Pouches, Pro-Paks, #10 Cans and Emergency Preparedness Buckets to meet every need in an emergency preparedness scenario.

Reusable pouches from their products help minimize waste while prolonging shelf life and prolonging freshness.

Food Supply Calculator to help determine how much food is necessary for an agreed number of people and days. 30-Year Shelf Life and Taste Guarantee on Freeze Dried foods.

3. ReadyWise

ReadyWise is one of the premier emergency food brands, offering premium freeze-dried and dehydrated meals with an incredible 25 year shelf life.

These lightweight products are easy to prepare by just adding water – ideal for anyone seeking hassle-free survival plans.

Gluten-Free Meals Plus offers an assortment of gluten-free, organic and vegetarian meal options to make them your one-stop shop for meal preparation no matter who is being fed.

4. SOS Food Labs

SOS Food Labs of Hialeah Gardens, Florida produces tasty emergency rations and energy bars made using cutting-edge research and development. Their top-of-the-line rations withstand heat, cold and light rain without issue or hassle – this makes their products truly essential.

SOS Food Labs is an industry pioneer when it comes to hydration and nutrition solutions, offering the latest and most technologically advanced products and services available today. One such example of their innovative services is providing a mobile app which anyone anywhere can use at any time to track health and safety information, and pioneering AI/ML to enhance customer experiences.

5. Nutrient Survival

Nutrient Survival offers an incredible variety of freeze dried meals and food supplements designed for emergency preparedness and long-term storage, using their patented freeze drying process – ideal for emergency preparedness. Each product can last for years on end without losing its shelf stability or flavor!

As part of their offering, they also carry drinks and vitamin mixes which are great for both prepping your survival kit or stocking in a first aid kit to prevent dehydration after an accident and replenish hydration levels afterward.

All their food products contain over 40 essential nutrients – this includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids (protein), fiber and more.

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